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Emission Measurement: The Power of Reimagined Multiphase Flow Meters
Multiphase Flow Meters (MPFMs) have long been utilized in the oil and gas industry to measure the flow rate and composition of fluids that contain a mixture of oil, gas, and water. By replacing separators with MPFMs, companies have seen significant reductions in emissions and improvements in efficiency. However, with the pressing need to address the environmental impact of the industry, it is crucial to reimagine and expand the capabilities of MPFMs in order to create a data framework for the real-time measurement and capture of emissions.
Enhancing Unconventional Well Management through Continuous Performance Tracking with Hybrid Models
In this talk, we discuss the application of hybrid models in addressing major challenges in unconventional reservoirs, including well performance evaluation, artificial lift life cycle management, performance insights, production optimization, well interference, and forecasting.
Improving the Accuracy of New and Existing Coriolis Meters Operating on Liquids with Entrained Gas
This presentation describes a theoretical development and experimental demonstration of a novel, first-principles approach to improving the accuracy of Coriolis meters operating on bubbly flows by augmenting existing Coriolis meters with a process fluid sound speed measurement.

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Topics include completion design and installation, intelligent wells, sand control, hydraulic fracturing, acidizing and stimulation, and well integrity.

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Covers topics from well planning and wellbore design through drilling equipment, systems and operations to casing and cementing.

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Data Science and Engineering Analytics

Topics include information systems and data use.

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HSE & Sustainability

Comprises core HSE topics as well as research and sustainability issues.

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Topics range from strategic planning to energy economics.

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Production and Operations

Focuses include artificial lift, well operations and optimization, surveillance and monitoring, production chemistry, well intervention, and decommissioning.

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Projects, Facilities and Construction

Topics include processing, flow assurance and subsea systems, measurement and control, platforms and floating systems, and facilities operations.

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Topics range from simulation and formation evaluation to unconventionals and enhanced recovery processes.

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Programming for Engineers Webinar Series
In this four-part webinar series, participants will review fundamental computer science and programming concepts in the context of writing Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) "macros" to automate Microsoft Excel.
Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) for Unconventional Reservoirs: The Next Big Thing?
Presented by B. Todd Hoffman
SEC Reserves Reporting Regulations Webinar Series
This four-part webinar series will cover the reserves reporting regulations of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.

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