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Live Webinars

  • Developing Data Science Specialties Targeting Oil & Gas Industry

    0.15 credits offered Includes a Live Event on 02/26/2019 at 8:30 AM (EST)

    Data science and Data-driven technologies, such as Data analytics and AI (Machine Learning, Deep Learning) have achieved real value creation in various industries such as Retail, Finance, Manufacturing, Advertising and Social platforms. However, and in spite of the possession of large volumes of data by the Oil & Gas companies, they did not yet realize the full potential of these technologies and their data. This webinar will try to shed some light and share our thoughts on how the Oil & Gas industry can develop this critical proficiency in Data science and Data-driven technologies in order to reap the promised rewards of improving efficiency, cost savings, and enhancing operational safety.

  • Lost Circulation - A Challenge We Must Address

    0.15 credits offered Includes a Live Event on 03/12/2019 at 9:30 AM (EDT)

    Presented by Salim Taoutaou

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