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  • AI/ML Drilling Systems Need Timely Trusted Data to Deliver Trusted Results

    Includes Credits Includes a Live Web Event on 02/18/2020 at 9:30 AM (EST)

    ​Real-time data now represents a growing stream of scores of channels of digital data being fed concurrently to numerous receiving entities in the operator's remote monitoring amenities, at contractor centers and other facilities. Analytics are applied to data channels to signal or predict deviations from expected readings that require attention. For such systems to work effectively and reliably the input data must be trustworthy.

  • Loss Circulation – Toolbox for a Scenario Based Systematic Approach to Reduce NPT (Non-Productive Time)

    Includes Credits Includes a Live Web Event on 02/20/2020 at 9:30 AM (EST)

    This presentation will serve to highlight the various engineering, chemical and data-based tool at the industry’s disposal in what is referred to as the “loss circulation tool-box”. It will also highlight workflows that are based on a systematic approach to increase the likelihood of success of the solutions and hence have a positive impact on reducing Non-Productive Time.

  • Formation Stabilization for Unconventional Shales – It’s More Than Conventional Clay Control

    Includes Credits Includes a Live Web Event on 03/04/2020 at 9:30 AM (EST)

    The emphasis in this webinar is to highlight the pronounced differences in formation damage mechanisms between unconventional versus conventional reservoirs and their implications to the immediate, intermediate and long term production. Addressing specific identified damage mechanisms can be achieved with fluids and chemical additive selection based on the specific reservoir mineralogy and the fracture surface. Discussions will be made on various region-specific damage mechanism and treatments for understanding the fluid-induced sensitivities in specific formations within North America and warning signs that damage is occurring in your fracture.

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