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Business Management and Leadership Webinars

Attracting Perfect Customers for Achieving Your Goals
In this webinar the speaker will teach the audience a method to attract the "perfect-fit" customers that will help them to achieve their goals. None of us can achieve our goals alone. If we think about something that we have achieved recently, we will have to admit that there was at least a key person that was instrumental in that win. Rather than leaving it to chance, the speaker will teach us how to align with those people that will help us achieve our goals, in an strategic way.
Career Resilience: Practical Tools
Coping with difficult times at work has become incrementally difficult, as large corporations as well as small companies expect every single individual to be resilient and even enthusiastic in front of adversity. But what is resilience and how could we forge our own resilience at work?
Crisis Management
This webinar seeks to disconnect crisis management from public relations by discussing how individuals involved in crisis management behave, why processes and procedures can help crisis teams become more effective, and how communications should best be managed.
Killer Communication Skills
Participants will reap the benefits of effective communication and learn how to motivate and persuade others without resorting to the traditional command and control approach.
Mind Reading, Listening and Being Nice
The webinar will offer straightforward practical steps you can use immediately in the workplace. Some interactive exercises will get you thinking about your own non-technical competence.
Career Advancement Series: How to Get Ahead
This new webinar series provides you with career tools to get noticed and rise above the rest.
How Truly Inclusive Is Your Company?
Conscious Inclusion is both a mindset and a skill set. Within a consciously inclusive environment, individuals proactively and intentionally seek, identify, and seize opportunities to leverage organizational diversity.
Liderazgo inspirador: Como aumentar la implicación de los empleados y la conexión con los clientes
​El Liderazgo Inspirador va más allá del Liderazgo convencional, en el sentido de que ayuda a todas las personas del equipo a trabajar con motivación intrínseca y pasión. Las personas hacen el trabajo porque les apasiona e inspira, no porque tienen miedo a perder su trabajo o quieren conseguir una suma extra de dinero en forma de recompensa. O sea, el famoso “palo y zanahoria” deja paso a una manera más sostenible de motivación, que se puede mantener en el tiempo y obtiene mejores resultados.
How to Present like an Award Winning Actor
This course goes far beyond learning to create inspiring speeches. It will give participants the tools to create a powerful presence so that they can have more influence on their projects and work environments.
Marketing Job Strategies for Job Success (Even in a Tight Economy!)
This presentation shows job seekers how to use marketing techniques to increase their visibility and stand out from the crowd so they can get noticed and hired.
Becoming an Indispensable Leader
Learn how to become the kind of leader that everyone wants to follow, a leader who knows himself well, is smart enough to learn from others and has the ability to rally team members around a central Mission and a compelling Vision … The journey begins as an ‘inside job’.
Soft Skills in Hard Times
Today, more than ever, it is important for employees in the Oil & Gas sector to have every skill available to increase their opportunities for the jobs that are available, and also to be able to perform at their maximum performance level. Soft Skills can give you the edge to perform at your maximum abilities.
Creativity: An Imperative for Success
Creativity is necessary to make innovations. The talk will discuss the drivers for creativity and how to facilitate creativity.
Inspiring Leadership based on Engagement
“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it”- Dwight D. Eisenhower The Webinar “Inspiring leadership based on Engagement” will start with this quote from Eisenhower’s definition of Leadership. Inspiring Leadership goes beyond Leadership (getting people to do the right things to achieve a result) in the sense that people will feel motivated intrinsically to do those things.
Leading Virtual Teams from Global to Teleworking
More teams are operating virtually and the degree of virtual working could encompass a team that is spread across the globe, or one where individual team members tele-work. Virtual working is defined as a situation where separated team members need to collaborate, share knowledge and use IT tools to communicate.
New Rules for Women: Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together
Why do women often feel belittled, betrayed, or sabotaged by other women in the workplace? Why do women so often report feeling unheard and unsupported in workplace environments? Based on her original research, published in her book, NEW RULES FOR WOMEN: Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together (Third Bridge Press; September 2014), Dr. Anne Litwin reveals startling paradoxes that spur misunderstandings, conflict, and between women on the job, along with structural issues that can make it difficult for women to feel valued or supported. She will share powerful solutions and tools for ways male and female leaders can create work environments that truly value the contributions of both women and men.
Innovation: Soft Skills Requirements – You and Your Team
This webinar will present several components of the drivers for innovation. The role of the individual and skills needed to bring into team work will be discussed, as well what soft skills are necessary to be a successful member of a team. This webinar will include the possible impact of the current product price on the drive to reduce cost through collaborative effort.
Diversity Fuels Innovation
Petroleum engineers are challenged to address complex problems with numerous constraints in volatile markets. Since diverse groups of people produce better outcomes than similarly skilled but non-diverse groups, fully leveraging the value of diversity to fuel innovation is critical.
Beyond Bias and Stereotypes: Embracing Multiculturalism from Within
Shifting our own perspectives about other cultures is a result of an internal reflection and approach to work and life that proves to be pivotal in to enable progressive career paths and business expansions in the oil industry worldwide.
How to Start Your Own Business
Striking out on your own can be appealing. It’s exciting and can be rewarding. This presentation will discuss things you should consider before doing so. Is entrepreneurship right for you? What questions should you ask yourself first? What are the first steps? What resources are available to help you get started?
Personal Branding
This personal branding webinar is for professionals who want to raise their level of influence in their area of expertise, stand out in a crowded market and ultimately create new career opportunities for themselves.
Intrinsic Motivation: A Business Imperative
This webinar will expand on a complementary area of technical competence: the passion to use competence to achieve excellent business results.
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
This webinar will introduce you to a practical, user friendly approach to negotiation and conflict resolution known as the mutual gains model.
Abstract Review, Rating and Selection Tutorial
A must-see video for anyone serving on an SPE Programming Committee, SPE Member and former SPE International Production & Operations Technical Director, Shauna Noonan explains the process for reviewing, rating, and selecting abstracts at SPE Conferences.
Personal Mastery of Soft Skills
Instructors will use a system level gap analysis and closure model to clarify how soft skills are employed with the five system principles to achieve desired results.
Strategies for Global Communication in the Oil & Gas Industry
As companies expand across the globe, challenges to communications grow as well. To work effectively with others from different cultures, the first step is to recognize, and understand differences, then deal sensitively with people from other backgrounds.
How to Write a Technical Paper
In an effort to assist authors submit their best papers to conferences and journals, SPE is offering a web event hosted by SPE member Byron Haynes, Jr. P.E. on How to Write a Good Technical Paper. In this presentation, Mr. Haynes will cover both basics and some more advanced methods for authors. Post presentation, he will field questions from participants.
Understanding and Managing Budgets
This course focuses on the basics of budgeting for organizations. It should prove helpful for any manager who needs to know about budgeting.
Managing Dual Careers—Work-Life Integration in a 24/7 World
Presented by Eve Sprunt, Ph.D.