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  • Entrepreneurship in the Oilfield

    0.15 credits offered

    This webinar will focus on entrepreneurship in the oilfield, from germinating an idea, to pilot testing, raising capital, and scaling.

  • Use of Drones in Mechanical Integrity and Process Safety Assurance

    1 credit offered

    Anadarko has created an internal drone department called the Aerial and Visual Analytics Team and one of their primary responsibilities is the safe and efficient deployment and management of drones in our theaters of operations around the world. Information will cover the areas of interest for training pilots to conduct safe and productive flights to generate the data our business units need to make better, more timely decisions. This enhanced training program also reduces net risk and effects lower LOE.

  • An Integrated Simulation Approach to Field Development Planning

    0.1 credits offered

    You may not be able to make it to the presentations in Houston, TX, but there's no reason we can't bring it to you. By registering for this session, you can listen to the speaker live and watch the slides broadcast from the presentation without leaving your desk...all for FREE.

  • Minifrac Analysis: A Comprehensive Overview

    0.15 credits offered

    ​Minifrac Tests are also known as: Fracture Diagnostic Tests (FDT), Fracture Calibration Tests (FCT), or Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests (DFIT).

  • IEA Sustainability Scenarios

    0.15 credits offered

    ​Scenarios for outlooks of energy demand and supply are important tools for policy makers and the industry to evaluate the impact of policy options on a number of societal development issues. Most of the outlooks incorporate a scenario with current (or announced) policies; they may also include variations, such as sensitivity analysis on exogenous factors (such as economic growth), or more fundamental changes such as strong carbon-reduction measures.

  • Understanding of Asphaltene Precipitation and Deposition

    0.1 credits offered

    This talk will present different techniques developed to understand the asphaltene behavior and their associated assumptions, limitations and uncertainties.