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Fracturing Without a Drop of Water - Lessons Learned Fracturing With LPG
Presented by Robert Lestz
Storage: The New Frontier of Integrity – What’s in it for Oil and Gas?
Underground storage is currently a 100-year-old industry and integrity has always been at its heart. Are there some lessons to take home for oil and gas?
Career Resilience: Practical Tools
Coping with difficult times at work has become incrementally difficult, as large corporations as well as small companies expect every single individual to be resilient and even enthusiastic in front of adversity. But what is resilience and how could we forge our own resilience at work?
Siemens Expert Hour -- Modern Well Control Equipment: Metal Hard Hat, Fireproof Coveralls, Athey Wagon…..CFD!
Content for this webinar is provided by Siemens. By registering, your contact information will be shared with the sponsor.
Crisis Management
This webinar seeks to disconnect crisis management from public relations by discussing how individuals involved in crisis management behave, why processes and procedures can help crisis teams become more effective, and how communications should best be managed.
Passive Reservoir Monitoring by Use of Inter-well Tracers
In this presentation, the speaker will briefly review the status of tracer technology, present recent improvements and highlight case studies that apply these methodologies.