On-Demand Webinars

Available free to SPE members courtesy of the SPE Foundation.


  • The Mentoring Journey

    0.15 credits offered

    Want to boost your soft or technical skills? Become a mentor or a mentee. Understand how to make a difference in another person’s life by sharing your knowledge. Grasp the importance of learning new skills in a supportive environment. Learn about the SPE eMentoring program. Mentoring is a journey. Enjoy the ride!

  • Module 3: Formation Mechanical Properties and Geometry Effects

    0.15 credits offered

    The focus of this webinar will be on defining the issues and the critical role that formation mechanical properties and strength and structural geometry have on the geomechanics of oilfield applications.

  • Introduction to Petroleum Geomechanics: A Three Part Series

    This three-part webinar series is focused on introducing the basics of geomechanics and geomechanics services to a wide audience - from service approvers (management), to engineers and scientists who might be called upon to support and evaluate the value of geomechanics efforts but who do not have specific training in geomechanics. While presented as a three-part series, the webinars are laid out in a fashion from more general to more technical.

  • Role of Digital Twin and Data Analytics in Hydrocarbons Project and Asset Life Cycle Management

    0.15 credits offered

    Digital Twin development for a Greenfield facility starts from the design and engineering phase. It is developed based on staged execution as the 3D engineering model of a plant is developed. Besides 3D, it has 4D/5D BIM capability which has cost as well as schedule dimensions also to control the project more effectively and efficiently and improve the project NPV. Digital Twin and data centric approach brings all the documents and data of the project phase at a centralized place.

  • What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

    0.15 credits offered

    We joined the oil and gas industry from many backgrounds and are at different stages of our careers. Didn’t you think things were going to get simpler and clearer over time? In this webinar we will discuss career options, dealing with changes, opportunities as an entrepreneur, changing technology and social requirements.

  • Well Integrity Standards & Practices – ISO 16530 and API RP 90

    0.15 credits offered

    Over the last few years there have been several initiatives to instigate or update well integrity standards and practices around the globe. Two of these in particular will be discussed in this webinar. First, a summary of main highlights of the ISO Standard 16530-1 which was published in 2017 will be presented. Secondly will be some of the changes that have taken place in API RP 90, especially the newly issued first edition of API RP 90-2, published in 2016.