Tech Talks: Extension of the Fatigue Life of Frac Pumps

The Fluid Ends of Fracturing Pumps have finite life. With perfect maintenance, they will still fail by fatigue cracking, because of the high stresses at intersecting bores.  

Material choices give limited opportunity to improve fatigue strength. However, bore treatment to induce compressive residual stress can substantially increase fatigue life. 

In this SPE Tech Talk, we will describe proprietary methods for inducing deep residual stresses by shot peening and the resulting improvement in the life of Fluid Ends. 

This Tech Talk is categorized under the Completions technical discipline.

David Gibson (Moderator)


SPE Live

David Gibson has earned a reputation as a disruptive thought leader in the field of emerging oilfield technology.An engineer-turned-entrepreneur, David now owns and manages Gibson Reports, a MWD and Directional Drilling market research firm as well as a partner and board member for several start-up companies. Launching his oilfield career as a UTA-trained Mechanical Engineer, David has a 14-year track record of working for both major and independent service providers in global and domestic onshore and offshore capacities operating a wide range of tools from survey-on-connection to offshore penta-combos.Serving in leadership roles ranging from Sub-Committee Chair to Board of Directors in several professional oil and gas associations like IADD, SPE, AADE and IADC, David is a highly-requested public speaker and has been featured on 25+ different industry podcasts and livestreams to date.Known for his catchphrase, "know your industry", David's core mission is to drive the oil and gas industry toward a more knowledgeable, sustainable future.

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Tony Collins


Superior Shot Peening

Tony Collins is author or contributing author on 2 book, 20 papers and 3 International Standards. He gained his Bachelor and Master of Arts from the University of Cambridge (UK) and a Masters and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

Dr Collins has been involved with materials selection for oilfield service tools (at Schlumberger) for more than 30 years, mostly for wireline conveyed tools and drilling equipment. This has included extreme applications in deep-water, Ultra HPHT conditions, service in sour fluids and extended reach drilling. He has been heavily involved in the development and improvement of alloys for drilling equipment.

Dr Collins has 17 patents, and is a member of SPE and NACE. He is chair of the API standards Task Group on Drill Stem Equipment. In addition to his work at Schlumberger he has been an adjunct professor in materials engineering at the University of Houston.

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