Tech Talks: Better Decision-Making While Drilling – Insights to Optimize Geosteering

In this Tech Talk, Schlumberger’s Vera Wibowo and Ettore Mitro discuss how geosteering has become a fundamental part of modern field development, where simple geometric target drilling could result in far less than optimal recovery and increased non-productive time. The pair will further discuss what PeriScope Edge is and where it is currently being used in the world.

This Tech Talk is categorized under the Drilling technical discipline.

Vera Wibowo

Well Construction Product Champion


Vera Wibowo is the global Product Champion for LWD geology, geosteering and reservoir mapping in Schlumberger. She is currently responsible for new technology development for LWD resistivity imaging, geosteering and reservoir mapping services, corporate strategy, market and position new technologies worldwide. She has been working with Schlumberger for more than 15 years and has held different operations, technical, sales & marketing positions across Middle East, Asia and North America and currently is based in Well Construction Measurement headquarters in Sugarland, Texas 

Ettore Mirto

Geosteering Interpretation Engineering Manager


Ettore Mirto is currently the Geosteering interpretation engineering manager at the Houston Formation Evaluation Center, HFE. He joined Schlumberger in 1997, after graduating from the University of Palermo, Italy, with a degree in geology. He previously held various operations and technical positions in Africa, Europe, and Middle East, ranging from Wireline Field Engineer to Petrophysicist and Geosteering Domain Champion. 

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