Challenges with Cement Evaluation- What We Know and What We Don’t

Recorded On: 07/11/2012

This presentation will attempt to provide an understanding of the challenges surrounding cement evaluation. It will cover the limits of current cement evaluation log technology and describe what information today's tools can and cannot deliver. Information on how to improve the reliability of cement evaluation log interpretation and prevent making bad business decisions based upon that interpretation will be presented.

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David Stiles has been a Senior Technical Advisor for ExxonMobil's Drilling Technical organization since 2004. In this role he provides technical support for ExxonMobil's worldwide drilling operations, specializing in well cementing and lost returns mitigation. He received a BS in Geology from Kansas State University in 1983. Prior to joining ExxonMobil, he accumulated more than 20 years of cementing, acidizing and hydraulic fracturing experience with two major service companies, working throughout North America, Europe, Africa and the Former Soviet Union. He is an active participant in API and ISO standards development, a past Chairman of API Subcommittee 10 on Well Cements and Chairman of API RP65. Throughout his career he has authored numerous professional publications and has been awarded patents for various well cementing methods.

SPE Webinars are FREE to members courtesy of the


Recorded 07/11/2012
Recorded 07/11/2012 60 Minutes
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