Completion Equipment


Well completion pertains to the equipment and procedures necessary to safely and efficiently bring a well on production or injection. This topic presents design and selection considerations for the equipment that makes up the lower completion, including tubulars, packers, seals and elastomers, along with downhole accessories for flowing and gas lift wells, positive displacement pumping systems and unconventional wells. The topic also describes the equipment that comprise the upper completion, including the wellhead, production or injection tree and associated flow control equipment.

Duration:  6 hours


  • Completion Tubulars Overview
  • Completion Tubulars Design
  • Packers
  • Seals and Elastomers
  • Completion Equipment for Positive Displacement Pumping Systems
  • Downhole Completion Accessories for Flowing and Gas Lift Wells
  • Downhole Completion Accessories for Unconventional Wells
  • Upper Completion

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Completion Equipment
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Live Viewing: 0.60 CEUs credits and certificate available CEUs offered.