Crude and Refined Product Metering - Meter Selection for Loading/ Unloading Applications and Meter Proving

Recorded On: 02/10/2015

Petroleum and its products bought and sold on the worldwide market may be transported over thousands of miles and change ownership many times from the well head to the end user. Each time the product changes ownership, a “custody transfer" is completed and both buyer and seller expect their asset exchange to be accurately measured. The dynamic measurement provided by most modern measurement systems is a convenient and accurate means to measure valuable petroleum products. Selecting the right meter for the application and ensuring the proper design of the meter system is imperative to guarantee accurate measurement with a high level of confidence at the lowest the cost of ownership.

The basic operating principles of four metering technologies: Positive Displacement (PD) Meters, Coriolis Mass Meters, Turbine Meters, and Ultrasonics will be discussed and the application range of each one of these technologies in terms of viscosity and flow rate will be covered

Also, key to custody transfer is the verification or “proving" of the meters under actual operating conditions. Proving assures both parties in the custody transfer transaction that the meters are accurate and repeatable. Proving fundamentals and the most common types of prover types will be covered as well.

This webinar is categorized under the Projects, Facilities, and Construction discipline.

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​Tony Petitto

FMC Technologies

Mr. Petitto has more than 30 years of experience with flow measurement and liquid custody transfer applications. Tony started in Field Service working with tank gauging systems, automatic sampling systems, and bunker blending systems. Since moving from the practical side where he witnessed and suffered from the effects of poor meter selection he has been a champion of proper metering system selection. By providing training in meter systems design, specification, operation and proving (calibration) Tony is ensuring fit-for-purpose metering systems are being selected for the various metering applications found in the oilfield from North to South America and beyond. Tony has a BS in Electrical Engineering and has spent 14 years with FMC Technologies in Technical sales and Training.

SPE Webinars are FREE to members courtesy of the


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Recorded 02/10/2015
Recorded 02/10/2015 Scheduled for 90 minutes.