Edge Analytics at the Rig

Recorded On: 03/27/2018

The traditional way to support remote drilling operations is through real-time operation centres. These RTOCs rely upon timely and accurate data from the wellsite in order to provide rapid support and responses in the event of well issues. Often there is a considerable lag in the time it takes for drilling data to be acquired, transmitted and analysed, so that critical incidents are not identified quickly enough. There is then a strong case for data analytics to be made at the point of acquisition.

The Big Data revolution is transforming the way that information can be stored and analysed, and machine learning can now be used to identify patterns of behaviour from offset well data, leading to the potential to predict non-productive time events such as a well kick or stuck pipe. By moving algorithms to the wellsite, the oil and gas industry will be able to take advantage of the new field of Edge Analytics. This webinar will discuss what will be needed to permit high frequency Edge solutions at the point of data acquisition.

This webinar is categorized under the Drilling discipline. 

Jon Curtis

President, Petrolink Group

Mr. Curtis is President of the Petrolink Group, a real-time data acquisition, management and analytics consortium. He is a member of numerous professional organizations including Chairperson of SPE Drilling Uncertainty Prediction Technical Section (DUPTS) where he works with other leaders to provide comprehensive solutions across drilling operations. Mr. Curtis started his career in the wireline logging industry and then founded Offshore Communications Services in 1988, to provide wellsite data management services in the UK North Sea. The company later became Petrolink as the company's service portfolio evolved through the 1990's. Mr. Curtis graduated from Oxford University where he studied Metallurgy and Materials Science.

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03/27/2018 at 9:30 AM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 03/27/2018
03/27/2018 at 9:30 AM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 03/27/2018
Live and Archive Viewing: 0.15 CEU/1.5 PDH credits and certificate available
Live and Archive Viewing: 0.15 CEU/1.5 PDH credits and certificate available