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Erosion Management in Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

The presentation explains the approach used by the Oil and Gas Companies to manage the erosion threat in upstream projects and operations. The different aspects of the erosion management are discussed. These include erosion threat assessment, erosion modelling, mitigation methods, sand/erosion monitoring, and erosion risk assessment.

Dr. Ardjan Kopliku


Dr. Kopliku is a materials and corrosion engineer working in the BP Upstream Engineering Center. He is the erosion subject matter expert and coordinates the work of the corrosion team in support of BP projects and operations. In NACE, Ardjan is the N1 “Corrosion Prevention and Control for Oil and Gas Production, Petroleum Refining, and Gas Processing Industries” Associate Technology Coordinator, he is the chair of TG 245 “Oil and Gas Production, Erosion Management” and chair of KS-5 “Visibility”.

Ardjan graduated in Special Physics in Albania and obtained its Ph.D. in Materials Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic in Milan, Italy. He then joined the Italian oil company Eni as a material and corrosion engineer. He joined BP in 2004, where he has covered several roles. He has been the Discipline Lead for Corrosion, Materials and Welding, Corrosion Engineering Team Leader for the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Operations, and has led several multidisciplinary teams.

In NACE, he has been the chair of STG 32 “Oil and Gas Production—Metallurgy” and chair of TG 299 “Petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas industries—Materials for use in H2S-containing environments in oil and gas production” and has chaired the Symposium “Advances in Materials for Oil and Gas Production” during the NACE Corrosion Conference 2014.

Ardjan is author of 29 papers and articles on corrosion and material selection.

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11/29/2018 at 1:00 PM (EST)   |  60 minutes
11/29/2018 at 1:00 PM (EST)   |  60 minutes
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0.10 CEU/1 PDH credits  |  Certificate available
0.10 CEU/1 PDH credits  |  Certificate available