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Foaming in Separators: Handling and Operation

Recorded On: 06/19/2013

This discussion will cover topics such as what is foam and how is it generated, detecting foam in separators, effects of foam in a separator, designing for foamy crudes in a new horizontal separator, and examples of overcoming foam problems.

Dr. Wally John Georgie, Principal Consultant, Maxoil Solutions, Inc.; Flow Assurance Process, Separation and Produced Water and Sand Management Specialist
Dr. Georgie has 35 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry, mainly in oil and gas processing and separation offshore and onshore, namely; operation trouble-shooting, de-bottlenecking, oil water separation and slugging problems, process verification, and all other fluid and gas handling issues, including fluid, production chemistry, flow assurance and integrity management. He worked mainly with the service sector in the USA, UK and ME, between 1979 till 1987 and then followed a career with Statoil in Norway from 1987 till 1999, mainly in daily operation and project operation support and plants troubleshooting of oil and gas facilities.

Wally has worked as a consultant/advisor with most of the major operators in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and Australia/Asia, since March 1999 in the area of separation trouble shooting, operation assurance, produced water and sand management, gas handling problems, flow assurance, system integrities and production chemistry.

Wally is a trained, oil and gas Process Chemist, Technologist, Corrosion Engineer, Safety Engineer, and Process Engineer.

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