Gaia Talk: Canada, CCUS and Net Zero - What's Next?

Join our panel discussion on Canadian momentum in CCUS. Let’s chat about: why CCUS, Canada’s answer to 45Q, ESG, and Canadian successes we can build upon!

This SPE Live was developed with the support of the workshop committee for the SPE Workshop: CCUS In Canada – Opportunities for a Net-Zero Future | 11–13 May 2021 (Virtual)

Key questions will be addressed at the upcoming SPE Workshop include...
Where does Canada currently fit in the global plans for decarbonization?
What CCUS projects are being developed?
How can we bring them to commercialization or make them cost-effective in Canada?
What will it take for Western Canada to become a carbon hub?
How do I know whether CCUS is right for my company?
Do I know enough about CCUS to help my company?
How does CCUS stack up against other clean energy opportunities?

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This SPE Live is categorized under the Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability discipline

David Langille (Moderator)

Sr. Digital Modeller, Connected Planning, Deepwater


Jodi Anhorn

President and CEO

GLJ Ltd.

Steven Bryant

Canada Excellence Research Chair in Materials Engineering

University of Calgary

Erin Madro

Sr. Engineer, Environmental Innovation

Cenovus Energy

Simon O'Brien

Quest Subsurface Manager



Gaia Talk: Canada, CCUS and Net Zero - What's Next?
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