Gaia Talk: Where Do We Stand? IEA 2021 Energy Progress Report

In this SPE Live Gaia Talk, we examine the key takeaways from the IEA 2021 Energy Progress Report and decipher future energy scenarios, energy investment implications and the role of the oil and gas industry in future energy innovations.

Guest speakers:

Christophe McGlade, Head of Energy Supply Unit, International Energy Agency (IEA)
Tom Blasingame, 2021 SPE President
Kamel Ben-Naceur, 2022 SPE President and CEO of Nomadia Consulting

This SPE Live was developed with the support of the SPE Gaia Sustainability Program.

This SPE Live is categorized under the Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability technical discipline.

Kamel Ben-Naceur

Chief Executive Officer, Nomadia Energy Consulting

2022 SPE President

Kamel Ben-Naceur is CEO of Nomadia Energy Consulting, where he advises on sustainable energy policies and global/regional energy economics and outlooks. He has worked as a chief economist for a major oil and gas company and oilfield services company. Ben-Naceur has also worked as a director of the International EnergyAgency and as an energy minister for the Tunisian government. He has chaired several SPE global committees, including Business Management and Leadership, the International Forum Series, and CO2Capture and Storage. He has also taught several SPE courses on global energy, and strategic thinking and planning. He was technical director for Management & Information on the SPE International Board of Directors from 2008–2011. Ben-Naceur was also an SPE Distinguished Lecturer from 2009–2010 and received an SPE Distinguished Member Award and SPE Distinguished Service Award in 2014. He has co-authored over 120 publications and 17 books. Ben-Naceur holds a bachelor’s degree from the Paris Diderot University and a master’s degree from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.

Tom Blasingame

Professor, Texas A&M University

2021 SPE President

Tom Blasingame is a Professor of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M from which he holds B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees.  

Blasingame has graduated 73 M.S., 35 M.Eng., and 16 Ph.D. students. He has prepared 170 technical+ articles and performed several major field studies involving geology, petrophysics, and engineering. 

Christophe McGlade

Head of the Energy Supply Unit

International Energy Agency

Christophe McGlade is the Head of the Energy Supply Unit at the Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA). He joined the IEA in 2015 and leads the energy supply and climate analysis within the World Energy Outlook (WEO) series.

The World Energy Outlook is the IEA’s flagship publication and one of the world’s most authoritative sources for strategic insight on energy and environmental trends. It covers all fuels and energy technologies and uses different scenarios to illustrate the choices that can lead towards a more secure and sustainable energy future.

As part of this work, Christophe was the lead author for the recent IEA special reports on Net Zero by 2050: A roadmap for the global energy sector; Sustainable Recoveries; and The oil and gas industry in energy transitions.

 Christophe holds a PhD in energy and resources from University College London (UCL) and a BA and MSci from Queens' College at the University of Cambridge in Theoretical and Experimental Physics.

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