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Journey of Well Integrity

Recorded On: 03/27/2013

We will examine well integrity activities and answer the following questions: 1) How transparent are we and do we have proof that our wells are safe? 2) How are we handling public opinion as we strive to ensure environmental safety and retain the license to operate? This important event will also discuss what operators must apply to assure well integrity and what evidence they need to conclusively demonstrate that the well possesses the required integrity.

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My name is Paul Hopmans. I was born on 11 September 1950 in the city of Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands as one of eight children and grew up in the country side.
In education I enjoyed Technical college four years , Merchant Navy Engineering college four years, some years sailing in the southern hemisphere, and further studies for chief engineer.
This was followed with four years in chemical industry, cryogenic gas plants. In that period I married and built my first house in the countryside. We have two boys and a girl who had the same pleasure of growing up in the countryside.
I joined Shell as a completion and well intervention engineer in 1978, my main profession, with a considerable part of workover and drilling experience including subsea, offshore/onshore activities with brown and green field developments in Europe, Africa , Middle East and Asia.
I was assigned the Principle Technical Expert (PTE) role for well integrity as a result of my passion for compliance to standards. This triggered my interested in IT and how to visualize compliance and the design of a well integrity management system. Its success led to the well engineering and well control applications that provide visibility in compliance, as well as the new era of communication platforms and real time optimization engineering/deep water drilling activities.
As PTE I am involved in global industry standards for ISO well integrity in the operation phase and well integrity governance over life cycle- a new work proposal recently initiated. I am active as Chairperson for the SPE Well Integrity Technical Section, the Well Integrity Global Integrated Workshop Series, and regularly participate in SPE events. My aspiration is to provide industry with improved standards, effective communication of its application, and to yield a more safe environment.

SPE Webinars are FREE to members courtesy of the


Recorded 03/27/2013
Recorded 03/27/2013 60 Minutes
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