Leading Virtual Teams from Global to Teleworking

Recorded On: 12/07/2016

More teams are operating virtually and the degree of virtual working could encompass a team that is spread across the globe, or one where individual team members tele-work.Virtual working is defined as a situation where separated team members need to collaborate, share knowledge and use IT tools to communicate.A number of issues become predominant for the manager in this setting. These include: managing the “them" and “us" syndrome amongst dispersed team members; motivating an individual that operates remotely from other members; creating a sense of team unity and identity; and understanding the range of national cultures that shape local individual decision making.

Participants will be shown strategies for managers to adopt in order to overcome common issues.They will understand that an effective operation requires managers to focus their attention on building and maintaining team member relationships. Additional focus is required on managing the myriad of communications tools available to ensure that the best tool is used for the appropriate task. By creating a collaborative environment, dispersed team members are encouraged to capture and share knowledge that aims at both the team and the organization's institutional memory.

This webinar is categorized under Business, Management and Leadership.

Rahul Dogra

International Management and Leadership Instructor

Mr. Dogra has developed and delivered programs on a wide array of management topics by working with customers to design and tailor solutions that enable attendees to access practical tools and approaches to common issues and problems faced.He has delivered programs to clients in five continents to date.Rahul writes on a Blog at www.rahuldogra.com and is a co-author of two books on Executive Leadership.

Rahul has worked with large and small organizations, for and not for profit organizations including: BP, Shell Global Solutions, Food and Agricultural Organization, International Fund for Agriculture and Development, Emerson Electric, Islamic Development Bank, World Wild Life Fund, HP, NATO, UNICEF, King Faisal Specialist Research Hospital, Axa Rosenberg, JP Morgan, Pepsico, Sunrise Communications, Clear2 Pay, Kuwait Oil Petroleum, Autodesk, Societe Generale, Ford Credit, Deloitte UK, World Food Program and US Federal Government Social Security Administration.


12/07/2016 at 9:30 AM (EST)   |  90 minutes
12/07/2016 at 9:30 AM (EST)   |  90 minutes Scheduled for 90 minutes.
0.15 CEU credits  |  Certificate available
0.15 CEU credits  |  Certificate available CEU Credit