LNG Basics for Petroleum Engineers

Recorded On: 01/13/2014

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This session will provide an overview of LNG liquefaction facilities, from inlet gas receiving to LNG storage and loading. However, the focus is on the liquefaction process and equipment. Differences among the commercially available liquefaction processes (cascade, single mixed refrigerant, propane-pre-cooled mixed refrigerant, double mixed refrigerant, nitrogen, etc.) will be discussed. The aim is to provide SPE members with a clear understanding of the technologies, equipment and process choices required for a successful LNG project.

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Michael Choi is a Process Engineering Fellow in ConocoPhillips’ Global Production Department located in Houston, Texas. His specialties are production facilities, sour gas treating and LNG. He was the lead process engineer for CoP’s Qatargas3 LNG project. Prior to joining Conoco in 1985, Michael worked in various engineering capacities with El Paso Natural Gas, Aminoil and Getty Oil/Texaco.

His work has led to a number of SPE publications and six US patents for separator design, emissions control system for glycol dehydrators and subsea processing and storage systems. Michael has been active in SPE as member of the PF&C Committee, program chairman and member of the ATCE and other international conferences and forums. He graduated from the University of Southern California in 1974 with a BS degree in chemical engineering.

Michael was an SPE Distinguished Lecturer during the 2012-13 lecture season.

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Recorded 01/13/2014
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