Nanomaterials in Upstream Oil and Gas Technologies – Review & Latest Advances

Recorded On: 01/22/2020

Research in nanomaterials has brought many performance enhancements to the materials used in oil and gas well drilling, cementing, production and enhanced oil recovery. While the products of these investigations and product development processes vary widely in terms of technology readiness, improvements in performances with nanoparticles are being witnessed in the field at this current time. Step-change innovation in the industry through advances in nanomaterials is anticipated to find a strong footing in the development of smart self-sensing cements, production technologies, enhanced oil-recovery technologies, nanoparticle sensors, sensor networks, and downhole power and automation. This webinar provides a brief overview of the applications of nanoparticles as they relate to upstream oil and gas and evaluates where the current state-of-the-art is in high performance oil well construction, production enhancement and reservoir management materials.

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Dr. Peter Boul

Senior Research Scientist, Saudi Aramco Research Center

Dr. Boul is Senior Research Scientist at Saudi Aramco Research Center in Houston where he is currently their cement focal point leader. Previously he has worked as scientist at Halliburton and NASA. He has the unique distinction of doing his PhD in nanochemistry with Prof Smalley at Rice University and post-doctoral work with Professor Jean-Marie Lehn at UNIVERSITÉ LOUIS PASTEUR, Strasbourg, France, both Noble laureates.

Dr. Boul was involved in invention of a new class of non-classical dynamic self-healing elastomers. He has been granted patents in nanotechnology and other areas and has published in Science and many other scholarly publications. Peter is very active in R&D industry groups in American Chemical Society (ACS) and Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), where he serves and Program Vice-Chair of its R&D Technical Section. 

Peter was an invited keynote speaker at Conference Oil & Gas Polymer Engineering Texas and ACS division of Polymer Chemistry’s Macromex and a member of the Cedric K. Ferguson Medal Subcommittee. He is the chair of 2020 ACS National Meeting Polymers’ Section Industrial Innovations.  

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01/22/2020 at 9:30 AM (EST)   |  90 minutes
01/22/2020 at 9:30 AM (EST)   |  90 minutes
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Live and Archive Viewing: 0.15 CEU credits and certificate available
Live and Archive Viewing: 0.15 CEU credits and certificate available