New Options for Produced Water Treatment and Re-Use in Gas/Oil Shale Fracturing

Recorded On: 09/24/2012

The advent of multi-stage high volume fracturing of gas and oil shales has brought about the need to reuse frac flow back and produced brine for subsequent well drilling and completion operations. To meet this need, advanced water treatment technology is being developed and implemented in numerous projects in the U.S. and Canada. Along with the new field practices is coming the need to find more affordable and more rapid analytic techniques to monitor these processes.

This web event covers the rapid onset of various techniques to manage produced water in unconventional development. We focus on first the need to reduce the water footprint of drilling and completion and then describe some of the successful processes that are being employed. We conclude with examples of advanced analytic techniques that Texas A&M GPRI is using in field trials to monitor its multi-stage pre-treatment processes in both the Marcellus and the Eagle Ford Shales.

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David Burnett is the Director of Technology for the Global Petroleum Research Institute (GPRI) and is the Research Project Coordinator for the Department of Petroleum Engineering. He served as the Managing Partner of the U.S. DOE Project DE-FC26-05NT42658 Field Testing of Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems representing a $4 million joint partnership among university/industry and government organizations dedicated to reducing the impact of O&G operations in environmentally sensitive areas. He currently is one of the principals in the RPSEA funded EFD program focusing on integrating advanced technologies for low impact drilling. In addition through GPRI, he leads a research team developing advanced membrane filtration technology to reduce waste water volumes at rig sites, including flow back fracturing fluids. He received the 2006 Hearst Energy Award for Technology in the oil industry and his research team won Gulf Publishing’s 2008 World Oil Awards (environmental, health and safety).

SPE Webinars are FREE to members courtesy of the


Recorded 09/24/2012
Recorded 09/24/2012 60 Mintues
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