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Overview of Current DFIT Analysis Methodology

Recorded On: 03/14/2013

The use of diagnostic fracture injection tests “DFITs" has become relatively commonplace in the fracturing industry. This web event will cover the basics of consistent test design and evaluation as it is currently understood. The presentation will focus on correct methodology for conducting and interpreting a DFIT, data that can be obtained, and the realistic limitations of the

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Robert D. Barree is president and principal investigator of Barree & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in stimulation and well performance optimization. Previously Dr. Barree was a Senior Technical Consultant at Marathon's Petroleum Technology Center. His 24 years’ experience at Marathon developed extensive expertise in the areas of well completion, stimulation, numerical simulation, special core analysis, formation damage, rock mechanics, and equipment design. He has been involved in the development of hydraulic fracture design simulators and fracture diagnostic procedures since 1980 and is the primary author of the fully three-dimensional hydraulic fracture simulator GOHFER.
Dr. Barree is the author of more than sixty technical publications. He has served as SPE Distinguished Lecturer on the topic of new philosophies in hydraulic fracturing. Dr. Barree has also served on many technical committees for SPE annual and regional meetings, Applied Technology Workshops, and Forum Series. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado and holds degrees in Petroleum Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and Colorado School of Mines.

SPE Webinars are FREE to members courtesy of the


Recorded 03/14/2013
Recorded 03/14/2013 60 Minutes
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