Prediction of Oil Asphaltene Behavior based on Fluid Characterization

Recorded On: 08/06/2013

The Distinguished Lecturer's Program Presents:

The 'merger' of engineering and geochemical knowledge in the development of asphaltenes technology, has dynamically advanced the area o f flow assurance in the of petroleum industry. While the impact of such integration has been presented at many conferences, the topic is still poorly appreciated.

Early understanding of the spatial distribution and behaviour of “asphaltene problematic" fluids in a reservoir is a key in the development of any oil field and will lead to introduction of robust prevention and mitigation strategies.

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Artur Stankiewicz

Mr. Stankiewicz is a Reservoir Fluids Manager and Domain Head responsible for global network of Fluids Laboratories and Water Chemistry and Petroleum Geochemistry in Schlumberger. Until March 2010 he was Shell’s Expert in the area of Geochemistry Fluid Properties and Flow Assurance.

He holds MSc and PhD in Geology/Organic Geochemistry and has spent 2 years as a Post-Doctoral Assistant at Bristol University, UK before joining Shell Oil in 1998. He led development and implementation of asphaltenes technology in Shell, while also pioneering interdisciplinary focus on hydrocarbon fluid properties and its acquisition via foundation of a unique, integrated Fluid Evaluation and Sampling Technologies Team (FEAST).

He worked on numerous projects around the world, authored more than 60 articles and 80 conference abstracts, has been an invited lecturer, organizer and chair of numerous international meetings and symposia. He is currently a Chair of the European Association of Organic Geochemists (EAOG), and a member of SPE, AAPG.

Artur was an SPE Distinguished Lecturer in 2011-12.

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Recorded 08/06/2013
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