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Releasing Shale-Gas Potential With Fractured Horizontal Wells

Recorded On: 02/24/2014

The Distinguished Lecturer's Program Presents:

This lecture presents a discussion of the characteristics of shale reservoirs and their impact on the performance of fractured horizontal wells. Key parameters of productivity are identified and explained. Emphasis is given to the estimation of the extent of reservoir fracture network, prediction of the efficiency of matrix drainage, and their impact on the estimation of well's drainage volume. The main idea to take away from this lecture is that some conven-tional reservoir engineering interpretations and practices may not be adequate (or appropriate) for shale reservoirs. Examples are presented to highlight practices/problems in the interpretation of well performance from fractured horizontal wells in shale reservoirs.

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Dr. Erdal Ozkan is a professor of Petroleum Engineering and co-director of Marathon Center of Excellence for Reservoir Studies at Colorado School of Mines. Previously, he was on the faculty at Istanbul Technical University. He has BS and MS degrees from Istanbul Technical University and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Tulsa, all in Petroleum Engineering. His research interests are horizontal well technology, pressure-transient analysis, modeling fluid flow in porous media, and shale reservoirs.

Dr. Ozkan has authored or co-authored over one hundred technical papers, co-authored a book, and contributed chapters to the Well Testing Monograph and Reservoir Engineering Handbook of SPE. He has served as the Executive Editor of SPEREE, Chief Editor of The Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, and the Associate Editor of JERT. He was involved in the organization of several SPE conferences, forums, and workshops including the recent meetings on shale reservoirs. Dr. Ozkan is a member of the SPE RD&D Advisory Committee and a Technical Director of the SPE Research and Development Technical Section. He is a Distinguished Member of the SPE and the recipient of the 2007 SPE Formation Evaluation Award.

Dr. Ozkan was an SPE Distinguished Lecturer for the 2011-12 season.

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Recorded 02/24/2014
Recorded 02/24/2014 60 Minutes
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