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Simultaneous Stimulation Of Multi-Well Pads Using Multi-Zone Stimulation Technology

Recorded On: 10/23/2012

The Distinguished Lecturer Program Presents:

This presentation will describe the background leading to the conception and development of novel reservoir stimulation technologies, reveal lessons learned and refinements in their deployment, and disclose information on field implementation and economic impact.

Take-away: Performing numerous stimulation treatments selectively, rapidly and in a cost-efficient way is essential to the economic viability of exploiting thick and multi-layer low permeability reservoirs.

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Randy C. Tolman was project coordinator for ExxonMobil’s Piceance Development Project
located in western Colorado. As a native of the Rocky Mountains, he joined Exxon’s Oklahoma City District in 1982 with primary responsibilities for on site supervision of completion operations in the Rockies. In 1985 he joined the start up team for Exxon’s LaBarge Project as first line supervisor. 1988-94 was spent in West Texas working secondary and CO2 flood oil recovery operations. He subsequently returned to Exxon’s LaBarge project in 1994 as Sr. Field Supt., and in 1999 began working with Exxon’s Upstream Research Company, assisting in development of the technology he will be presenting. He is listed as the Lead Inventor for 7 of the patents covering Multi Zone Stimulation Technology. In 2001 he transferred to Houston, Texas to work full time on tight gas sand development in ExxonMobil’s Production Dept. technology. He retired June 2010 from ExxonMobil and now runs a private consulting service.

Randy was an SPE Distinguished Lecturer for the 2010-11 lecture season.

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Recorded 10/23/2012
Recorded 10/23/2012 60 Minutes
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