SPE Gaia / OGCI / IPIECA / IOGP Climate Series eSessions – Methane | #2 | Technology and Investment Focus

Includes a Live Event on 03/31/2021 at 10:00 AM (EDT)

The private sector has a considerable role to play in supporting the development, testing & deployment of methane detection, measurement and mitigation technologies. In the third webinar of the SPE Climate Series, join us to review incumbent and emerging technologies to reduce methane emissions. The session will start with an overview of technologies available to the industry, and will then be followed by practical examples of solutions offered by service providers in the space. From the financial perspective, OGCI Climate Investments will present its recently announced 2020 call for investments for projects reducing methane emissions. The session will conclude in a panel discussion on the role of the private sector to support such technologies, as well as barriers and opportunities for rapid mitigation action. We are now planning a separate session on satellites, so we will move the opportunity for GHGsat, Kayrros and others to speak to that event.

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Trey Shaffer

Senior Partner, ERM & Vice Chair of the SPE Climate Advisory Committee


Mr. Shaffer is a regional upstream oil and gas sector leader and helps clients address a broad range of sustainability, environmental and safety challenges. Prior to joining ERM in 2003, Trey was the Director of Downstream Services for Boots & Coots International Well Control.

In 2014, Trey was elected to the SPE International Board of Directors as the 2014-2017 HSSE-SR Technical Director. Trey was elected in 2016 as Vice Chair of the SPE Gulf Coast Section. He was the co-chair of the SPE International 2016 HSSE-SR Conference in Stavanger, Norway. Trey supports numerous SPE activities globally and is a frequent speaker on environmental and sustainability topics.

In 2010, he was recognized by the SPE Gulf Coast Section and received the Award for Distinguished Contribution to Petroleum Engineering in the area of HSSE-SR. He earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design degree from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas in 1987. He lives in Texas with his wife and three daughters.

Daniel Palmer

Deployment Manager

OGCI Climate Investments

Iain Cooper


SeekOps Inc

Dan Zimmerle

Senior Research Associate

Colorado State University

James Mackey

Managing Director, Project Capital

OGCI Climate Investments



The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative is a CEO-led consortium that aims to accelerate the industry response to climate change. OGCI member companies explicitly support the Paris Agreement and its goals. As leaders in the industry, accounting for over 30% of global operated oil and gas production, we aim to leverage our collective strength and expand the pace and scope of our transitions to a low-carbon future, so helping to achieve net zero emissions as early as possible. Our members collectively invest around $7B each year in low carbon solutions. OGCI Climate Investments, our $1B+ fund, invests in solutions to decarbonize sectors like oil and gas, industrials and commercial transport.

eSession Partners:


IPIECA is the global oil and gas industry association for advancing environmental and social performance. IPIECA convenes a significant portion of the oil and gas industry across the value chain, bringing together the expertise of companies and associations to develop, share and promote good practice and knowledge. IPIECA is the industry’s principal channel of engagement with the United Nations. Its unique position enables its members to support the energy transition and contribute to sustainable development.   


The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) is the voice of the global upstream industry. We serve industry regulators as a global partner and act as a uniquely upstream forum in which our Members identify and share knowledge and good practices to achieve improvements in health, safety, the environment, security and social responsibility.

Registration is free to all participants through the generous sponsorship of OGCI.

0.15 CEUs offered.








Opening, problem setting

Trey Shaffer
(ERM & 
Vice Chair of the SPE Climate Advisory Committee)




Overview of technologies tackling methane emissions

Overview of available detection, measurement and mitigation technologies Incumbent vs Emerging technologies

Daniel Palmer

(OGCI Climate Investments)




Practical example of solutions from the industry

SeekOps & Kairos Aerospace

Steve Deiker (Kairos) (TBC)
Iain Cooper (SeekOps)




State of the art Measurement and Quantification Technologies – testing in controlled environments

Dan Zimmerle
(Colorado State U)




OGCI Climate Investments Call for Investments

Intensive investment in projects to reduce methane emissions: current OGCI portfolio 2020 Investment call Measurement methodologies

James Mackey
(OGCI Climate Investments)




Panel Discussion and Q&A

Role of private sector in supporting the development of methane emissions mitigation technologies.

Investment in methane mitigation technologies: opportunities and barriers.

Trey Shaffer (moderator)

Daniel Palmer, Iain Cooper, Dan Zimmerle, James Mackey & Steve Deiker (TBC)




Wrap up and Conclusion

Trey Shaffer





03/31/2021 at 10:00 AM (EDT)   |  90 minutes
03/31/2021 at 10:00 AM (EDT)   |  90 minutes xxx
5 Questions
0.15 CEUs credits  |  Certificate available
0.15 CEUs credits  |  Certificate available