SPE Live Tech Talks: CTDirect Solution in Challenging UBCTD Projects

Declining production in mature fields is a challenge faced by most operators. If the wells are already completed previously, pulling out those completions is an arduous task involving the loss of both time and production. Protecting the formation from the drilling fluid overburden is another challenge. An underbalanced coiled tubing drilling (UBCTD) system makes it possible to avoid both these conundrums while also making it possible to boost production by maximizing reservoir contact. Schlumberger’s proprietary CTDirect solution helps customer exceed their objectives in challenging UBCTD projects by improving drilling performance, BHA life and operational efficiency.


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This SPE Live is categorized under the Production and Operations technical discipline

Syed Muhammad Fahim Ud Din

Acoustics and Reservoir Product Champion, Schlumberger

Syed Muhammad Fahim Ud Din is the Acoustics and Reservoir product champion with the Schlumberger Drilling and Measurements product line. He joined Schlumberger in 2006, filling various roles across operations management, auditing and compliance, and internal controls. His current area of focus is technical marketing of LWD acoustic, seismic, and reservoir technologies and anticipating and meeting client demands across various spectrums within these portfolios. Fahim graduated in 2005 with a BS degree in electronics engineering from the National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan and completed his MBA in 2019 from INSEAD. He is a member of SPE and SPWLA. 

Nils Kaageson-Loe

SPE Live Host, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Nils Kaageson-Loe is responsible for investigating, recommending and developing new initiatives and enhancements to expand SPE programs including meetings, publications, training and other lines of business. Since 2020, Kaageson-Loe has been host of the SPE Live and SPE Live Tech Talks.

Before joining SPE in 2018, he served in several technical and business leadership roles for Halliburton. He has also held technical and R&D leadership positions for BP, MI-SWACO and Norsk Hydro.

Kaageson-Loe holds a PhD in geological/geophysical engineering from Imperial College London and a bachelor's in exploration geophysics from University College London.

This SPE Live Tech Talk is sponsored by Schlumberger. Learn more about CTDirect | Coiled tubing directional drilling system: www.slb.com/CTDirectMWD


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SPE Live: Tech Talks
Recorded 03/11/2021
Recorded 03/11/2021 On-Demand recording is available.
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