SPE Reservoir Technologies of the 21st century - Core Analysis Panel Session – Old Challenges and New Opportunities.

Includes a Live Web Event on 12/04/2023 at 10:30 AM (EST)

As industry evolves at fast pace new energy challenges arise for petroleum engineers in the field of core analysis data acquisition, integration, multiscale measurements, digital rock analysis and modelling.

New methodologies and a broader approach for core analysis is required to support complex decision matrix, cost effective solutions and energy efficiency. 

In this interdisciplinary panel session professionals from the industry and academia will discuss some of the many core analysis challenges and opportunities to help engineers to better understand the changing global energy scenario, with a focus on technical innovation and new developments.

This webinar is categorized under the Reservoir technical discipline.

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Mehdi Matt Honarpour

Mehdi Matt Honarpour is the CEO and President of the Honarpour Technology Company, HTC, LLC. He currently provides consulting and integrated training for Energy companies. Previously, he was the Principal Reservoir Engineer at BHP, the Global Reservoir Engineering Advisor at Hess Corporation, and a Senior Reservoir Engineering Advisor at ExxonMobil. He has an extensive experience in reservoir characterization and reservoir engineering and their impact on reservoir system performance. He has contributed extensively to the science and practice of rock-fluid characterization, integration of core analysis data, wireline log and well test data for conventional sandstone, naturally fractured carbonates and Unconventional reservoirs. He has done an extensive work in the characterization of recovery mechanisms including chemical, gas injection/ gravity drainage, low salinity waterflood and MEOR. He was the coordinator of the laboratory study of CO2/ H2S storage, CS&UST in Arab C aquifer. He has coordinated work in viscous oil, light oil, volatile oil, gas-condensate, and dry gas reservoirs.  Matt has an expertise in static and dynamic characterization deep water GoM sandstone formations. He has worked on giant gas, gas-condensate and oil reservoirs around the world, Dr. Honarpour has several years of teaching and mentoring experience in both academia and in the petroleum industry. He has served as project manager of large multidisciplinary projects. He has been an active member of SPE over the past 50 years. Dr. Honarpour contributed to the development of the API Subcommittee on Core Analysis, RP-40, published in 1998. He has published 3 books and many SPE, AAPG, SPWLA technical papers and presentations.

Denis Klemin

Denis Klemin is a Digital Rock Domain Champion at SLB in Houston, USA. He joined SLB in 2005. The first part of his career concentrated on reservoir simulation, problems of oil, gas and gas-condensate flow behavior and sampling, numerical and analytical modeling of oil recovery. The latter part of his career has been focused on the reservoir characterization, managing and executing digital rock analysis RCA, SCAL and EOR projects. He has published in technical journals, holds patents for various innovations. Klemin holds a MSc degree in computer science and applied math and a PhD degree in geophysics. He is a member of the SPE Reservoir Technical Discipline Advisory Committee and its sub-committee Core Analysis.

Zoya Heidari

Zoya Heidari is an Associate Professor in the Hildebrand Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. Zoya has contributed extensively to the science of rock-fluid characterization and Formation Evaluation through integration of multi-scale formation data. Zoya   has received many awards, including the 2023 SPE International Formation Evaluation Award, the 2021 SPWLA Distinguished Technical Achievement Award, the 2020 SPWLA Young Professional Technical Award, the 2019 EAGE Arie van Weelden Award, the 2019 AIME Rossiter W. Raymond Memorial Award, the 2019 SPE Distinguished Membership Award, and the 2017 SPE Cedric K. Ferguson Medal. Zoya has published more than 220 papers in peer-reviewed   journals   and   conference   proceedings.   She has served as a member of the SPE reservoir advisory committee and as an executive editor for the SPE Journal since 2022, and as an Associate Editor for the SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering Journal and Geophysics Journal. 

Mark Ma

S. Mark Ma is a Senior Consultant at Reservoir Description Division, Saudi Aramco and a SPE Reservoir Advisory Committee- Core Analysis Team member. Before joining Aramco in 2000, Mark worked at Exxon Production Research, Western Research Institute, Petroleum Recovery Research Center and Jianghan Petroleum Institute. Ma received his bachelor’s degree from China Petroleum University, Master’s degree and PhD from New Mexico Tech, all in petroleum engineering. A Petrophysics Journal Associated Editor and a JPT Editor, Mark was SPWLA Regional Director (2018-20) and chaired SPE FE Award Committee, SPE ATCE FE Committee, and IPTC Ed Week Committee. Dr Ma was awarded the 2010 SPE KSA Technical Contribution award, 2019 SPE MENA region FE award, 2020 SPE Distinguished Membership award, 2021 SPWLA Distinguished Service award, and 2022 SPWLA Distinguished Technical Achievement award.

Jules Reed

Jules Reed has over 30 years of core analysis experience, is a subject matter expert in his discipline and co-author of the authoritative book, Core Analysis: A Best Practice Guide; V64 in Elsevier’s Developments in Petroleum Science series.

Jules is an expert in most aspects of core analysis, with particular insight on wettability, capillary pressure, and reservoir fluid dynamics, including relative permeability, EOR and CCUS. He was employed (2013-2015) as consultant subject matter expert for one of the UK’s previous research rounds, investigating potential carbon capture storage sites: supporting programme design, overseeing the core analysis study and peer reviewing geomechanics and formation damage analyses.

He is former president of the Society of Core Analysts (SCA), a chapter-at-large of the SPWLA and  is a current member of its Technical Committee involved in peer review of SCA technical papers. He is also a peer reviewer for a number of technical journals, including SPERE, JPSE and IJW. He is a member of the SPE RAC (Reservoir Advisory Committee): core analysis subcommittee.  He is currently employed as Global Technical Manager for Premier Oilfield Group.

Craig Lindsay

A geologist by background, with a Bsc. Hons. Upper 2nd Class in Geology from the University of Liverpool (1981), Craig has 40 years of experience in the core analysis industry. After 18 years working in the lab in a wide variety of roles, Craig joined Helix RDS consultancy in 2002 and went on to found Core Specialist Services in 2010. 

Core Specialist Services are a consultancy specializing in the planning, design and management of core based studies. Craig has manged more than 200 technical projects since founding Core Specialist Services.

Craig served as President of the Society of Core Analysts from 2012-13. 

Craig is a member of the SPE Reservoir Technical Discipline‘s Advisory Committee - Reservoir Technology of the 21ST Century, sub-committee Core Analysis – tasked with charting the future course of the discipline of core analysis. 

Special interests are in new technology – automated core logging, machine learning and artificial intelligence for core data interpretation and core visualization in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Abraham Grader

Dr. Avrami Grader main interest is in multi-phase flow in porous media. He was a professor of Petroleum Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University in the Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering. Dr. Grader’s research focused on two- and three-phase flow in porous media, transient pressure analysis with its effect on well testing and on reservoir engineering water influx problems, and multi-phase flow dynamics in the near wellbore domain including wellbore mechanics. He has been Ingrain’s Chief Scientists for the last seven years, and is heavily involved in all aspects of integrating physical and digital core analysis methods. Grader holds a PhD in petroleum engineering from Stanford Universit.

Yildiray Cinar

Yildiray Cinar is a senior reservoir engineer with Saudi Aramco. Previously, he was a senior lecturer at University of New South Wales and a postdoc at Stanford University. He holds a PhD from Claustral Technical University and BS and MS degrees from Istanbul Technical University, all in petroleum engineering. His areas of interest include special core analysis, reservoir management, EOR/EGR and CO2 sequestration in subsurface formations.

Alvaro Munoz Beltran (Moderator)

Alvaro is a professional with more than fifteen years of experience in the oil and gas service sector working as core analyst for international oil companies. 

He holds a Bachelor in Geology and a MSc degree in Basin analysis and Energy Resources from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, where he got the knowledge in petrology, facies interpretation and stratigraphy to comprehend the different plays studied during his Master thesis focus on offshore Canadian oil fields. 

He also spent two years in France with the IFP Energies Nouvelles team to get a more in deep expertise of Reservoir engineering and laboratory workflows.

Currently, some of his main tasks are the planning and execution of routine (CCA) and special core analysis (SCAL) programs and the analysis of petrophysical properties on core samples, end-trims and fluid characterization; the Interpretation of integrated data processing, data evaluation and quality assurance of the analysis performed and the construction of valuable databases with those results. 

Alvaro has been also working as SCAL expert in Middle East for major operators like Petroleum Development Oman, BP, Shell and OXY. Managing with the clients the projects and coordinating between laboratory and end-users.  

Currently, he is working as Technical Advisor with the amazing cores of the Norwegian Continental Shelf with many operators like AkerBP, Equinor, Total, OMV, Repsol, WintershallDEA, Neptune and Var Energi. 

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SPE Reservoir Technologies of the 21st century - Core Analysis Panel Session – Old Challenges and New Opportunities.
12/04/2023 at 10:30 AM (EST)  |  90 minutes
12/04/2023 at 10:30 AM (EST)  |  90 minutes
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Live and Archive Viewing: 0.15 CEU/1.5 PDH credits and certificate available
Live and Archive Viewing: 0.15 CEU/1.5 PDH credits and certificate available