Strategic Influencing Ethically

Recorded On: 07/15/2020

Although organisational politics are a fact of life, many people who work in organisations denigrate politics and attempt to avoid ‘playing’ them. Others seek to make use of organisational politics for personal gain rather than institutional and social benefit; such personal manoeuvring may come at significant organisational / social cost.

Dr. Joel DeLuca, who worked with 11,000 people across 9 multi-national firms, anchors this course in 20 years of research. The research identified individuals who consistently demonstrate the ability to build, ethically, a critical mass of support for organisational ideas about which they care. The aim of the research was to determine and translate into simple “tools” how these individuals—the politically savvy— think and operate that enables them to excel.

Originally introduced in the US 20 years ago by Dr. DeLuca (including Harvard Business School, Yale, MIT, The Wharton School of Business, the FBI Academy), over the last 10 years, Elizabeth Coffey and her Associates have led Political Savvy seminars for various institutions within EMEA, Asia and North America: Barclays Bank, Credit Suisse, Citibank, Nomura, Deutsche Bank, IBM, PwC, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Merrill Lynch, ADNOC, ADIA, British Telecom and INSEAD & Harvard Business School Alumni – to name a few.

This webinar gives an overview of how to steer a course around organisational barriers to engage actively in the political sphere in an ethical and systematic way. It enables managers to develop the mind-set and skill- set of the politically savvy in order to have more impact on issues of importance. The course is typically offered to participants who currently hold or aspire to organisational leadership roles.

The engaging training helps those who want to make a difference in working around the bureaucracy and other barriers that exist in every organisation to be more effective in influencing strategically. The webinar is fun and highly interactive.

The content covered by the webinar is:

1. The Baddeley & James Political Intelligence Model
2. The blockers to engaging in organisation politics
3. 7 savvy strategies (quiz and dialogue)
4. The mapping tools

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Elizabeth Coffey

Internationally Recognised Senior Advisor, Speaker, and Author

Liz is an internationally recognised senior advisor, speaker, and author, who develops CEOs, their Successors and Board Executives of Global 500 companies. She has coached elite business leaders across a wide range of industries and worked in over 30 countries. Previously a Senior Partner at Korn Ferry, Liz has held senior positions with Mercer Delta Consulting and The Change Partnership.

Liz is a Master Trainer of Trainers in Political Savvy: Strategic Influencing in an Ethical Way. She was trained 15 years ago by the guru in this topic, Dr. Joel DeLuca, and has taught this subject in 20 countries to tens of thousands of people.

Liz has written several leadership books, including McGraw Hill’s ‘10 Things That Keep CEOs Awake – and How to Put Them to Bed’; Deutsche Bank’s ‘The End of Tolerance?’ and ‘The Changing Culture of Leadership – Women Leaders’ Voices’. She has developed a portfolio of Global 500 organisations through ground-breaking strategic changes, notably with ADNOC, Citigroup and the UK’s Cabinet Office.

Liz has received innumerable awards including: Pioneering Woman Leader, Top 10 Leadership Development Companies in the UK, Top 101 Global Leaders – Diversity & Inclusion, Woman Super Achiever, Mentor of the Year and European Woman of Achievement.

Since 2017, Liz has curated and hosted leaders on immersive trips to inspiring social enterprises in India: Leadership Learning Journeys. These trips have explored the environmental and community impact of many extraordinary organisations across India.

A sample of Liz’s leadership clients include KKR, Blackrock, Investec, Barclays Bank, Citi, Nomura, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Credit Suisse, ADIA, Marsh, Aon, BP, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, ADNOC, Shell, GSK, Sanofi, Pret a Manger, PwC, Accenture, Unilever plc, Xerox, National Grid, EDF energy, Scottish Power, the BBC, HM Senior Civil Service, British Airways, Virgin Airways and Cabinet Ministers.

Liz graduated from Wellesley College with a dual degree in Psychology & English Literature.

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07/15/2020 at 9:30 AM (EDT)   |  90 minutes
07/15/2020 at 9:30 AM (EDT)   |  90 minutes
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Live and Archive Viewing: 0.15 CEU/1.5 PDH credits and certificate available