Strategies for Global Communication in the Oil & Gas Industry

Recorded On: 09/03/2015

The SPE Soft Skills Committee Presents: Strategies for Global Communication in the Oil & Gas Industry

As companies expand across the globe, challenges to communications grow as well. To work effectively with others from different cultures, the first step is to recognize, and understand differences, then deal sensitively with people from other backgrounds.

To communicate effectively, a company must recognize that cultural differences (not just the language) can be a barrier to, or hinder, the effective exchange of ideas or information. All people, of all cultures, want to feel valued, respected, and understood. The challenge is in knowing which words or actions will be perceived as such, allowing for open lines of communications.

The webinar will be helpful to supervisors and managers, however, it's beneficial for upward or downward communication. I've taught this to many young professionals who want the training for a better chance to move up

The webinar will also be good for anyone who is interested in strategies to improve their communication skills internally or externally, and across cultures. There are often unknown barriers to effective communication because of the perception of the sender or receiver. It can be language, culture, or simple lack of communication.

This webinar is categorized under Business, Management, and Leadership.

Lori Dalrymple

CEO/Founder Architecture of Communication

Lori is an industry professional in Soft Skills training, complemented by university study of the sciences to understand the technical aspect of working with professionals in the Oil & Gas Industry. She holds degrees in Communications, Performance, and Marketing, and is working on her Masters in Multicultural Psychology. Lori has developed a Global Multicultural Training Program for corporate management and employees called “Architecture of Communication". This training helps different cultures to understand each other based on their cultural context, allowing professionals to achieve higher levels of communication, both internal and external, which affects every global business's bottom line. She is an expert in the training of presentation skills, and one on one communication for clients who speak English as a second language.


Web Event
09/03/2015 at 9:30 AM (EDT)   |  90 minutes
09/03/2015 at 9:30 AM (EDT)   |  90 minutes Scheduled for 90 minutes.
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0.15 CEU credits  |  Certificate available
0.15 CEU credits  |  Certificate available CEU Credit