The Importance of Water Conveyance in Water Management for Onshore Oil and Gas

Water management of unconventional oil and gas continues to evolve rapidly but in different ways in the key basins.  Understanding how  the different factors impacting water management vary across the United States is important to understanding the local dynamics.  There are some universal trends such as more water is being used per well, lower quality water is being used and infrastructure continues to be built out.  There are also key differences among the top regions in the volume of water produced, ability to install impoundments, practicality of water pipelines and availability of disposal.  This presentation will paint a picture of water management’s complex similarities and differences among the basins and how it may impact your operations.

This webinar is categorized under the Projects, Facilities, and Construction discipline.

Michael Dunkel

Global Technology Leader, Jacobs

Mr. Dunkel is the upstream water Global Technology Leader for Jacobs.  He works with oil and gas clients on water management.  Mr. Dunkel is the lead investigator for Jacob’s study with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board related to water recycling. He is also a leader of the Groundwater Protection Council report on their produced water re-use that covers the US shale plays.

Previously, Mr. Dunkel was Director of Sustainable Development for Pioneer Natural Resources.  His team championed efforts to reduce fresh water use, increase water recycling and plan water management.  Mr. Dunkel was co-chair of the Energy Water Initiative, a group of 18 energy companies raising water management standards.

Michael held positions in engineering management and project management for 18 years at Pioneer, including global projects. Prior to Pioneer, Mr. Dunkel held a variety of engineering roles at Marathon Oil.

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11/27/2018 at 2:00 PM (EST)   |  90 minutes
11/27/2018 at 2:00 PM (EST)   |  90 minutes
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0.15 CEU/1.5 PDH credits  |  Certificate available
0.15 CEU/1.5 PDH credits  |  Certificate available