The Role of HSE in Oil and Gas

Broadcast in April 2020 as part of the Virtual Career Pathways Fair, this webinar explores why HSE is such a talking point within oil and gas and how it is influencing the future of the industry. Presented by SPE Board Director for Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability, Johana Dunlop, it explores upcoming changes and what more can be done to improve HSSE issues for the industry. 

This webinar is categorized under the Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability discipline.

Johana Dunlop

SDTS Co-chair

Johana Dunlop has worked with Schlumberger for nearly twenty five years and is deeply interested in the relationship between the oil and gas industry and “society”. Her education background draws on business, risk management and the liberal arts with an A.I.R.M from the Institute of Risk Management in the UK, an M. Sc. Management from Boston University and a B.A. Honors in French and Classics from Trinity College in Dublin.


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