The Role of Nanoparticle Technology in Oil and Gas Industry Application: Small Size, Big Effects

Recorded On: 11/16/2021

Nanoparticle technology is a promising field of interdisciplinary research, which opens up numerous opportunities in various fields in the energy and the environment. Hence, potential uses and benefits of such technology are enormous. Our Nanotechnology Research Group at the University of Calgary has carried out a number of research activities pertaining to the synthesis and direct application of nanoparticles, with a specific focus on innovation of naturally derived nanoparticle-based materials and processes. Discoveries made in our laboratory have a wide range of practical applications, including heavy oil upgrading and recovery, EOR, inhibition of formation damage, friction reduction during fracking, oil spill clean-up, treatment of oil sands process-affected water, utilization of waste-heavy hydrocarbons, such as asphaltenes and petroleum coke, etc. The state-of-the art approaches and technologies developed by our group provide substantial benefits to industry and society in terms of process simplification, reduced cost, energy efficiency, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Our group studies the synthesis of naturally derived nanoparticles with different sizes, shapes and surface functionalities. We have studied in details different aspects of nanoparticle synthesis including several functionalization or grafting methods to customize their use in desired applications. The dynamics of nanoparticle surfaces and its chemistry towards a specified reaction are investigated experimentally and theoretically by carrying out computational modeling through molecular mechanics, DFT and MD calculations and simulations, and then applies this knowledge to design active site nanostructures that enable new adsorptive or catalytic functions to be implemented in real application. Our group’s work in synthesis and application of nanoparticles will provide viable clean alternative technologies for enhancing oil upgrading and recovery, solid waste conversion, wastewater treatment, CO2 capture and conversion and optimized natural gas processing.

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Dr. Nashaat Nassar

Professor, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary

Dr. Nassar is a full professor in the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Calgary. He leads a large research group that focuses on the development and application of naturally  derived nanomaterials in energy and the environment. He established a world-leading, industrially connected Laboratory for Nanomaterials Research that has attracted over $10 million in research funds, and he is currently working with several national and international oil and gas companies to commercialize his research. Energy and environment applications are the dominant theme of his research activities to serve the Canadian community. Dr. Nassar’s research program emphasizes the development of new technologies to improve the sustainability of unconventional hydrocarbon recovery processes and to advance the transition to low carbon energy sources.

Dr. Nassar has communicated his scientific knowledge through publishing 110 peer-reviewed journal papers, 10 book chapters, 2 books, 7 filed USA patents, and 6 invention disclosures, and has founded 2 spin-off companies (NanoSoln Inc. and Carbon OxyTech Inc.). He has an h-index of 42 and his work has been cited 5083 times. He has received several prestigious awards and has delivered 50 invited talks at renowned  national and international conferences and universities. Not only is he pushing the limits of science and technology in his field, but he also does so in collaboration with national and international top-ranked  industrial sponsors who understand and benefit from his unique approach to solving real-world problems. His research has received national funding through programs such as NSERC DG, Engage, and Alliance,  provincial funding through Alberta Innovates, industrial funding through Cenovus Energy, Seven Generations Energy, Executive Mat Service, ARC Resources, and international funding through organizations such as CIATEC-PROFTECH-CONACYT-PEMEX, Mexico; Chevron USA Inc.; QEERI in Qatar, and Werner Graupe International.

He has trained 11 postdoctoral fellows, 12 PhD students, 26 Master’s students, and 40 undergraduate students. Many of his former HQPs are now employed in the Canadian energy industry and are professors at international universities. Dr. Nassar serves on several administrative committees at UCalgary, mainly focused on teaching and professional development. He has also served as an expert reviewer for research grant proposals and peerreviewed journals and acted as an associate editor for the Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering and Energies.

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The Role of Nanoparticle Technology in Oil and Gas Industry Application: Small Size, Big Effects
11/16/2021 at 12:00 PM (EST)   |  90 minutes
11/16/2021 at 12:00 PM (EST)   |  90 minutes
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0.15 CEU/1.5 PDH credits  |  Certificate available