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Transferring Analytics into Oil & Gas: Powerful stories of the unexpected crossover of data analytics techniques between industry sectors.

Recorded On: 05/14/2014

Despite the world being ever more connected data-wise, it remains relatively poor at sharing knowledge on how to solve complex problems. But look hard enough and you find that you can link unsolved problems in one domain to solved problems in another. New Technology is making innovative technology transfer a reality. In this webinar, we will present some powerful stories of how techniques and experience from one sector have crossed industry boundaries.

Sponsored by: Management and Information Technical Director

Nicholas Clarke. Following a career in academic research, Nicholas has worked with Tessella in the commercial technology sector since 1999. His wide ranging work has included developing Tessella’s award winning Asset Management and Performance Optimization Software. Moving through technical roles as an analyst and program manager, Nicholas is now Head of Analytics. The years spent crunching numbers required to model and visualize chemical bond formation are a strong complement to those spent more recently in solving practical problems in industry.

They combine to give Nicholas a great feel for the creative use of data. Nicholas combines his own knowledge with the weight of experience of his Tessella colleagues to craft an analytics practice focused upon delivering tools and techniques to improve decision making under the most challenging conditions.


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