Treatment Options and Beneficial Use of Treatment Products for CSG Waters

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The presentation will discuss the challenges and options associated with the treatment of water produced as a result of CSG production and how CSG water treatment differs from municipal water treatment projects. Technologies discussed include reverse osmosis, thermal brine concentration, and crystallization. Options for beneficial reuse of treatment products including treated water and salt are investigated together with the challenges associated with beneficial reuse. 

Ben Kelly

Process Engineer, Senex Energy

Ben Kelly graduated from Sydney University with Hons Degree in Chemical Engineering and holds a Master of Business and Technology Management from UNSW. He has worked in a variety of roles since graduating and has spent the past 10+ years working in CSG (coal seam gas) in both gas processing and water processing. Ben was involved with the APLNG early works, then moved to Eastern Star Gas, which was taken over by Santos, and was employed by Santos for a further 7 years.  While with Santos, he was predominantly working on the Narrabri Gas Project in particular the preparation of the EIS. He is currently working for Senex on water treatment for their Atlas Project in the Surat Basin where he has been involved in trials for beneficial reuse of salt/saline water produced as a result of CSG activities. 

James Johnstone (Moderator)

Production Chemist, ProdChem Limited

James Johnstone is a Chartered Scientist, recognized Production Chemistry Technical Authority and a certified Lead Auditor in Asset Management. With 30 years of diverse experience from Field Chemist to Senior Consultant, he delivers professional services of production enhancement, infrastructure integrity, and flow assurance globally to operators of both conventional and unconventional assets. As an active member of SPE, he is a regular contributor to the eMentoring program and sits on Global HSES and PFAC Committees as well as the Water Life Cycle & Strategy Technical Committee and the 2021 Awards & Recognition Standing Committee. 

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