Treatment Options for Reuse of Frac Flowback and Produced Water From Shales

Recorded On: 09/18/2013

The discussion will address differences in flow back and produced water quality and compare with requirements for hydraulic fracturing formulations. Various recycling methods will be discussed to achieve specifications for reuse in a given type of hydraulic fracturing fluids, such as slickwater, linear gel and cross-linked gel formulations. Recycling methods addressed will range from chemical coagulation and flocculation, lime softening and various mechanical methods such as dissolved gas flotation, hydrocyclones, to media and membrane filtration systems.

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Dr. Tor Palmgren manages the Exploratory and Special Projects group of M-I SWACO’s Research & Engineering Environmental Solutions Applied Research department and has been involved with water related projects most of the five years since joining M-I SWACO in 2008. The emphasis has been on mobile treatment systems servicing unconventional drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations.

Prior to joining M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger Company, Dr. Palmgren spent about 20 years in the plastics industry in various positions, from R&D, Technical Service and Management of Product Regulatory Compliance.

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Recorded 09/18/2013
Recorded 09/18/2013 60 Minutes
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