Unveiling the Asset Value through Integrated Production System & Data Analysis

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This webinar will focus on pragmatic and innovative, yet simple tactics, to unhide low-risk high-value opportunities in the assets through Integrated Production System & Data Analysis (IPSDA). The overall objective of this session is to generate value efficiently, through improved reservoir and surveillance management, understanding of potential and opportunities, and operating reservoir and production/facility system efficiently. Participants will gain knowledge of risks and uncertainties at the earlier stage while looking at the potentials of any field development, to help facilitate mid-long term decision making in creating value throughout the field life.

Dr. Rahim Masoudi

Rahim Masoudi, Group Technical Authority & Custodian Reservoir Engineering, Resource Development & Management, Malaysian Petroleum Management (MPM), Upstream Business, PETRONAS

Dr Rahim graduated from Heriot-Watt University/UK with more than 22 years industrial and research experiences in Middle East, North Sea and Malaysia/SE Asia. He is currently the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Group Technical Authority (GTA) & Custodian- Petroleum/Reservoir Engineering in Field Development and Asset Management & Operation in PETRONAS. 

He is also Distinguished Industry Advisor and Adjunct Professor at University Technology PETRONAS. He is recognized/served as SPE International Distinguished Lecturer in 2011-2012 seasons, received the 2017 SPE Technical Service Award and 2012 SPE Northern Asia Pacific Regional Technical Award on Reservoir Description and Dynamics, received SPE-Kuala Lumpur “Outstanding Technical Award” for 2015-2017 season, recognized & appointed as a member of SPE Regional Technical Advisory Committee in Asia Pacific. 

In October 2013, awarded the 2017 and 2012 Exemplary Line Trainer of the Year by PETRONAS PE Skill Group 10, published one book and more than 140 international journal, conference papers and 3 patents. Supervised more than 30 MSc and PhD students in Petroleum/Reservoir Engineering in various areas and carried out more than 50 reservoir studies and FDP Formulation.  

His areas of interest are E&P Business Development, Field Development, Asset Management, High CO2 Field Monetization, Reservoir Engineering, Production Optimization, Reservoir Description & Dynamics, Hydrocarbon Recovery Improvement, Uncertainty& Risk Management, E&P Data Analytics. 

Abdolrahim Ataei

BD Projects Evaluation SME, OQ

Principal Reservoir Engineer in PETRONAS. He received his MSc and Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University in the UK.  He has more than 30 years of industrial and academic experience in Upstream E&P with the past 14years in PETRONAS. Besides reservoir engineering and reservoir studies, he was working in several positions in the E&P business including offshore operation and production as well completion design and drilling. In PETRONAS he was a member of the MPM Technical Review Committee (TRC) which actively involved in the formulation of several FDPs in Malaysia for the past 13 years. He is currently working with PETRONAS International Assets worldwide and advises on PETRONAS Asset Acquisition and Monetization activities. He published more than 50 technical papers in various international journals and conferences on different areas in reservoir dynamics and characterization.  His areas of interest are reservoir simulation and dynamics, EOR, well testing, and Production Data Analysis.


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