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  • Programming for Engineers

    0.40 credits offered

    In this four-part webinar series, participants will review fundamental computer science and programming concepts in the context of writing Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) "macros" to automate Microsoft Excel.

  • How to Write a Good Technical Paper - 10/18/2016

    0.15 credits offered

    In an effort to assist authors submit their best papers to conferences and journals, SPE is offering a web event hosted by SPE member Byron Haynes, Jr. P.E. on How to Write a Good Technical Paper. In this presentation, Mr. Haynes will cover both basics and some more advanced methods for authors. Post presentation, he will field questions from participants.

  • SEC Reserves Reporting Regulations Series

    This four-part webinar series will cover the reserves reporting regulations of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.

  • Well Integrity for Fracturing and Re-Fracturing: What is Needed and Why?

    0.15 credits offered

    Specific subjects include common areas of damage within gas and oil wells and common types of damages including corrosion, wear, fatigue and erosion. Investigation methods include pressure testing, cement evaluation tools (CET), cement and stimulation pump charts, downhole imaging devices (cameras, calipers, electrical logging tools), and other approaches are also discussed.

  • How to Start Your Own Business

    0.15 credits offered

    Striking out on your own can be appealing. It’s exciting and can be rewarding. This presentation will discuss things you should consider before doing so. Is entrepreneurship right for you? What questions should you ask yourself first? What are the first steps? What resources are available to help you get started?

  • The Game Changing Impact of Data and Data-Driven Solutions in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

    0.15 credits offered

    The buzz regarding data and what it can do for business today is everywhere. It has captured imaginations. Some imaginations have turned into reality, giving rise to real-time translation tools and self-driving cars. More exciting products will hit the market soon. The excitement that has been stirred by this new trend has made managers and engineers in the oil and gas industry excited. Presented by Shahab Mohaghegh.