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Killer Communication Skills
Participants will reap the benefits of effective communication and learn how to motivate and persuade others without resorting to the traditional command and control approach.
Machine Learning And Data Analytics In Flow Assurance
The democratization of machine learning and data analytics has thrown open a variety of new tools to the industry. A few examples will be shown in this presentation showing how these tools can be used ranging from reduction in study times to creating new methods of studying/troubleshooting difficult problems.
A Conversation on the Interdisciplinary Nature of Geomechanics in the Oil and Gas Industry
One of the most interesting aspects of applying oilfield geomechanics is arguably the amount of interdependency with other disciplines. While the pursuit of integrated, interdisciplinary approaches is increasingly common in our industry, this state of affairs can still be considered discretionary.
QRI Expert Hour -- Evaluate and Enhance Artificial Lift System Performance Through Data-Driven and Model-Based Technology
Content for this webinar is provided by QRI. By registering, your contact information will be shared with the sponsor.
4D Seismic Monitoring for Assessing Reservoir Heterogeneity and Its Impact on Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation
This webinar will discuss the importance of understanding reservoir heterogeneity and its impact on the success of hydraulic fracturing in shale wells.
Deploying Machine Learning on the Oilfield: From the Labs to the Edge
Deploying machine learning-based predictive models to the oil field is quite challenging. They are remote, hazardous, and have spotty connectivity to the cloud. The world of operationalizing a model is very different than the perfect lab environment where the models are born.
Passive Reservoir Monitoring by Use of Inter-well Tracers
In this presentation, the speaker will briefly review the status of tracer technology, present recent improvements and highlight case studies that apply these methodologies.
Crisis Management
This webinar seeks to disconnect crisis management from public relations by discussing how individuals involved in crisis management behave, why processes and procedures can help crisis teams become more effective, and how communications should best be managed.
Career Resilience: Practical Tools
Coping with difficult times at work has become incrementally difficult, as large corporations as well as small companies expect every single individual to be resilient and even enthusiastic in front of adversity. But what is resilience and how could we forge our own resilience at work?
Storage: The New Frontier of Integrity – What’s in it for Oil and Gas?
Underground storage is currently a 100-year-old industry and integrity has always been at its heart. Are there some lessons to take home for oil and gas?
An Engineered Approach to Hydraulic Fracture the Vaca Muerta Shale
This lecture seeks to explain a systematic approach to characterize, constrain and validate such models through integration of prefrac diagnostic injections, core data, independently-determined fracture dimensions, and postfrac production data. The final objective is to build predictive models that can be used to improve completion strategies in this promising play.
Shale Development - Does Cheap Energy Really Mean Flaming Tap Water?
Presented by William Fleckenstein
Attracting Perfect Customers for Achieving Your Goals
In this webinar the speaker will teach the audience a method to attract the "perfect-fit" customers that will help them to achieve their goals. None of us can achieve our goals alone. If we think about something that we have achieved recently, we will have to admit that there was at least a key person that was instrumental in that win. Rather than leaving it to chance, the speaker will teach us how to align with those people that will help us achieve our goals, in an strategic way.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
We joined the oil and gas industry from many backgrounds and are at different stages of our careers. Didn’t you think things were going to get simpler and clearer over time? In this webinar we will discuss career options, dealing with changes, opportunities as an entrepreneur, changing technology and social requirements.
Lost Circulation - A Challenge We Must Address
Presented by Salim Taoutaou
Integrated Historical Data Workflow: Maximizing the Value of a Mature Asset
Presented by Anne Valentine