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  • Upstream Oil Allocation Measurement using Coriolis Technology in Permian Basin

    Includes Credits

    We will review the allocation measurement in general and fundamentals of Coriolis measurement principles, as well as understanding key attributes of different Coriolis meters in the market and why some work and some do not in upstream environment. In depth discussion with field examples of using Coriolis diagnostics variables to troubleshoot separator efficiency and issues will also be presented.

  • Life Cycle Well Integrity of CO2 Storage Wells: Engineering Imperatives for Success

    Includes Credits

    Geologic storage of CO2 has gained significance, largely due to it being a green-house gas (GHG) and concerns related to impacts on climate from GHG emissions. The literature and experience from industrial analogs indicate that wellbores (both active/inactive or abandoned) may represent the most likely route for escape of the injected CO2 from the storage reservoirs. Therefore, sound injection well design and life cycle well integrity of all wells is of critical importance in such projects, particularly from a storage perspective of 1000 years or more.

  • Process Safety of Hydrate Blockage Depressurization

    Includes Credits

    The results presented in this webinar demonstrates the use of artificial intelligence techniques to develop rate of penetration models for multiple well profiles from actual field data. This includes model development, training and testing, and validating. It also lists some key challenges during AI modeling such as data quality, data analytics and leaving the model as a blackbox.

  • Managing your Energy in the New Normal

    Includes Credits

    We are already approaching the final quarter of the “year of the lockdown”. While some developments are a cause of optimism and life is at least partly resuming, it is clear that we will remain in a “new normal”. One of the most marked trends is the expansion in working from home and replacing face to face with online meetings. To help with this, the experts from McKinsey & Company are inviting us to a one hour interactive webinar that will help us recognize our energetic and emotional states, address them effectively, and develop habits to increase happiness and resilience for ourselves and our teams.

  • Financial Management of R&D: Best in Class Metrics

    Includes Credits

    In this presentation, we share a review of available methods that can be used to decide on future R&D projects, evaluate existing projects and quantify the impact of completed projects through the implementation of their technological outcomes and/or commercialization.

  • Formation Stabilization for Unconventional Shales – It’s More Than Conventional Clay Control

    Includes Credits

    The emphasis in this webinar is to highlight the pronounced differences in formation damage mechanisms between unconventional versus conventional reservoirs and their implications to the immediate, intermediate and long term production. Addressing specific identified damage mechanisms can be achieved with fluids and chemical additive selection based on the specific reservoir mineralogy and the fracture surface. Discussions will be made on various region-specific damage mechanism and treatments for understanding the fluid-induced sensitivities in specific formations within North America and warning signs that damage is occurring in your fracture.