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Automation - How Can Good Go So Bad?
With the implementation of new technology on deep-water units, there have been huge strides made towards a safer and more efficient way of drilling wells. However, with the introduction of these advancements different challenges also arise. In fact, as new technologies are introduced, the more important team skills, or Crew Resource Management becomes.
Visualization of Asphaltene Deposition and Removal Using Microfluidic
My lab has generated micromodels, which are combined with high-speed imaging to visualize asphaltene deposition and transport in microfluidic devices with permeability contrasts, fractures, and multiple phases. The surfaces can be altered to mimic the chemistry and wettability found in reservoir systems. I will discuss how these devices can be utilized to advance our understanding of oil flow processes and design better strategies to address flow assurance problems.
Optimum Mud Overbalance And ROP Limits For Managing Wellbore Stability In Horizontal Wells In A Carbonate Gas Reservoir
Saudi Aramco has been drilling horizontal and multilateral wells to develop gas fields. Due to production-induced decreasing reservoir pressures along with tight nature of the reservoir rock, development activities have focused more in placing wells towards the minimum horizontal stress direction and complete with multistage hydraulic fracturing aimed to improve lateral reservoir contact enabling higher production at sustained rates thereby increasing recovery with less number of wells to be drilled.
Liquid – Liquid Coalescers
More information coming soon!
Embracing the Possible: Applying Cross-Transferable Data Analysis and A.I. Innovation from Other Industries
This presentation will explore draw on relevant examples using data, predictive analytics, A.I., augmented intelligence systems from the company’s partnerships with oil and gas operators and service companies.
Killer Communication Skills
Participants will reap the benefits of effective communication and learn how to motivate and persuade others without resorting to the traditional command and control approach.
A Conversation on the Interdisciplinary Nature of Geomechanics in the Oil and Gas Industry
One of the most interesting aspects of applying oilfield geomechanics is arguably the amount of interdependency with other disciplines. While the pursuit of integrated, interdisciplinary approaches is increasingly common in our industry, this state of affairs can still be considered discretionary.
4D Seismic Monitoring for Assessing Reservoir Heterogeneity and Its Impact on Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation
This webinar will discuss the importance of understanding reservoir heterogeneity and its impact on the success of hydraulic fracturing in shale wells.
Deploying Machine Learning on the Oilfield: From the Labs to the Edge
Deploying machine learning-based predictive models to the oil field is quite challenging. They are remote, hazardous, and have spotty connectivity to the cloud. The world of operationalizing a model is very different than the perfect lab environment where the models are born.
Passive Reservoir Monitoring by Use of Inter-well Tracers
In this presentation, the speaker will briefly review the status of tracer technology, present recent improvements and highlight case studies that apply these methodologies.
Crisis Management
This webinar seeks to disconnect crisis management from public relations by discussing how individuals involved in crisis management behave, why processes and procedures can help crisis teams become more effective, and how communications should best be managed.
Career Resilience: Practical Tools
Coping with difficult times at work has become incrementally difficult, as large corporations as well as small companies expect every single individual to be resilient and even enthusiastic in front of adversity. But what is resilience and how could we forge our own resilience at work?
Storage: The New Frontier of Integrity – What’s in it for Oil and Gas?
Underground storage is currently a 100-year-old industry and integrity has always been at its heart. Are there some lessons to take home for oil and gas?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
We joined the oil and gas industry from many backgrounds and are at different stages of our careers. Didn’t you think things were going to get simpler and clearer over time? In this webinar we will discuss career options, dealing with changes, opportunities as an entrepreneur, changing technology and social requirements.