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  • SPE Live: Distinguished Lecturers Series

    Join SPE Live for a special series of Distinguished Lecturers—bringing select presentations from the 2020-21 season to members and nonmembers.

  • Fully Automated Collision Avoidance Analysis and Wellbore Quality Monitoring in Real-Time

    Includes Credits

    One of the major obstacles that makes the collision avoidance analysis very cumbersome is to enter the location and survey of the offset wells. This study presents a novel approach to leverage real-time survey and a centralized database to conduct collision avoidance analysis and monitor wellbore quality in (near) real-time in a fully automated fashion.

  • Treatment Options and Beneficial Use of Treatment Products for CSG Waters

    The presentation will discuss the challenges and options associated with the treatment of water produced as a result of CSG production and how CSG water treatment differs from municipal water treatment projects. Technologies discussed include reverse osmosis, thermal brine concentration, and crystallization. Options for beneficial reuse of treatment products including treated water and salt are investigated together with the challenges associated with beneficial reuse.

  • SPE Asia Pacific Webcast Series on Integrated Asset Development & Management (IADM)

    Led by Rahim Masoudi, Group Technical Authority & Custodian Reservoir Engineering, Resource Development & Management MPM, Upstream Business, PETRONAS, along with esteemed co-presenters and moderators, the SPE Asia Pacific Webcast Series on Integrated Asset Development & Management (IADM) is designed to share and discuss the topic of IADM with subject matter experts throughout the series.

  • Tech Talks: Unconventional Insights: From Evaluation to Stimulation

    In this SPE Tech Talk, join Schlumberger's Elia Haddad, Nick Fundytus and Raj Malpani as they discuss pilot evaluations, elaborate on measurements in laterals, and fiber optics tech for stimulation and monitoring. Among the topics discussed: — Overall reservoir performance key input into the unconventional project lifecycle, focusing on the pilot well evaluation being the most famous step for unconventional lateral landing. — Lateral heterogeneity examples: Do we believe lateral heterogeneity exists? Or do we envision a nice layer cake model every time we kick off from the pilot? — What is new/important in the laterals evaluation: ThruBit imaging and 3D FF to optimize discrete fracture network modeling and use of lateral evaluation to avoid casing deformation risk ID in highly tectonic places — Fiber optics technology for stimulation and strain monitoring — Case studies on Discreet Fracture Network modeling and Fiber Optics

  • Tech Talks: Agile Subsea Configurability

    Changes in oil and gas markets and operator targets have led to a higher drive for cost efficiency, responsiveness, and management of smaller teams. This SPE Live Tech Talks with OneSubsea, a Schlumberger company identifies an approach that enables flexibility in dynamic field conditions while minimizing total cost of ownership for the life of the field.