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Vertical Multiphase Flow Modeling In Wells And Risers
The aim of the presentation is to show that vertical multiphase flow, which is known to have some very complex features, can be modeled well with 1D methods, using relatively simple assumptions.
An Improved Well Path Tortuosity Model
Wellbore tortuosity is a critical element in drilling complex horizontal wells and deep verticals. The current three-dimensional borehole trajectory model, based on the minimum curvature method [MCM], tends to mathematically smoothen the wellpath.
First-Ever Environmental Characterization of Hydraulic Fracturing for Shale Oil and Gas Production
Presented by Daniel Tormey
Mechanical Integrity Lessons Learned from API Process Safety Site Assessments: Driving Operational Excellence
The API Process Safety Site Assessment Program was developed in 2011.This presentation will provide an overview of the program and present some of the mechanical integrity learnings, trends and benchmarking data developed from the assessments based on the five-year history of the program.
Implementation of State of the Art Coiled Tubing Technologies in Challenging Completions
Two industry experts will provide insights on new coiled tubing technology applications focused on driving innovation and incremental well performance. This will be a combined webinar presentation that will focus on cost effective abrasive jetting technologies and real time assessment of stimulation fluid diversion by employing coiled tubing fiber optics.
Advanced Imaging and Characterization of Shale rocks – Critical Role in Unconventional Development
Increased activity in unconventional (shale) reservoirs has prompted advances in electron microscope imaging and it has resulted in formulation of protocols for shale reservoir characterization. We will discuss characterization workflows and illustrate results.
Best Practices to Reduce Venting and Flaring with Economic Benefit
The presentation discusses the drivers for reducing venting and flaring and gives a step by step approach to address EPA Compliance Alert from project identification to ultimate success in sending gas to a gathering or sales pipeline. The characteristics of storage tank vent gas are discussed.
QRI Expert Hour -- Using a Data-Driven Technology to Improve Drilling Efficiency
Content for this webinar is provided by QRI. By registering, your contact information will be shared with the sponsor.
SEC Reserves Reporting Regulations Series
This four-part webinar series will cover the reserves reporting regulations of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.
Mind Reading, Listening and Being Nice
The webinar will offer straightforward practical steps you can use immediately in the workplace. Some interactive exercises will get you thinking about your own non-technical competence.
Blowout Prevention and Relief Well Planning for the Wheatstone Big-Bore Gas Well Project
The offshore Wheatstone LNG Project in Western Australia utilizes subsea big-bore gas wells as the preferred method of producing the field.
Cold Jet Expert Hour -- Increase Efficiency and Reduce Downtime with Dry Ice Cleaning
Content for this webinar is provided by Cold Jet. By registering, your contact information will be shared with the sponsor.
Prediction and Management of Fines Migration for Oil & Gas Production
Presented by Pavel Bedrikovetsky
Electromagnetics: Technologies for Reservoir Surveillance and Monitoring
This presentation will outline the theory of cross-well EM system, survey design and modelling, data acquisition configuration and workflow. Two field examples will be presented to demonstrate the usefulness of the method for fluid monitoring, reservoir characterization and locate by-passed hydrocarbon.
Career Resilience: Practical Tools
Coping with difficult times at work has become incrementally difficult, as large corporations as well as small companies expect every single individual to be resilient and even enthusiastic in front of adversity. But what is resilience and how could we forge our own resilience at work?
Importance of Human Rapport in the Digital Revolution
This webinar will focus on the importance of keeping human rapport and trust at the heart of the company culture at the time of full digital revolution.
Optimism in Reservoir Production Forecasting – Impact of Geology, Heterogeneity, Geostatistics, Reservoir Modeling, and Uncertainty
Presented by W. Scott Meddaugh
Killer Communication Skills
Participants will reap the benefits of effective communication and learn how to motivate and persuade others without resorting to the traditional command and control approach.