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Electromagnetics: Technologies for Reservoir Surveillance and Monitoring
This presentation will outline the theory of cross-well EM system, survey design and modelling, data acquisition configuration and workflow. Two field examples will be presented to demonstrate the usefulness of the method for fluid monitoring, reservoir characterization and locate by-passed hydrocarbon.
Field Automation for data collection and control in O&G beyond SCADA
This presentation will discuss how the Internet of Things (IoT) is irreversibly changing the way businesses think about field automation and data collection, as well as the current state of leading edge IoT, the advantages and disadvantages of SCADA, and the future of leading edge IoT technologies.
How Can We Thrive In Deepwater Gulf of Mexico With US Shale Threats?
The talk will be focused on ideas and technologies that can be applied to achieve 20-50% improvement in CAPEX or operating efficiency without increasing risk profile. Specific field development ideas and efficiency improvements will be discussed.
Importance of Human Rapport in the Digital Revolution
This webinar will focus on the importance of keeping human rapport and trust at the heart of the company culture at the time of full digital revolution.
Optimism in Reservoir Production Forecasting – Impact of Geology, Heterogeneity, Geostatistics, Reservoir Modeling, and Uncertainty
Presented by W. Scott Meddaugh
Technology Development and Disruptive Innovation at Petroleum Industry
The oil industry is in a period of transition during which companies, professionals, governments and academic institutions await what may be a new cycle in oil prices or a complete change in market dynamics due to policies, technologies and CO2 emission regulations. More often, innovation has come up as a common topic either because of process optimization, cost reduction or for disruptive solutions.
Killer Communication Skills
Participants will reap the benefits of effective communication and learn how to motivate and persuade others without resorting to the traditional command and control approach.
Career Resilience: Practical Tools
Coping with difficult times at work has become incrementally difficult, as large corporations as well as small companies expect every single individual to be resilient and even enthusiastic in front of adversity. But what is resilience and how could we forge our own resilience at work?