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Webinar Series

Integrated Historical Data Workflow: Maximizing the Value of a Mature Asset
Presented by Anne Valentine
Lost Circulation - A Challenge We Must Address
Presented by Salim Taoutaou
What do you want to be when you grow up?
We joined the oil and gas industry from many backgrounds and are at different stages of our careers. Didn’t you think things were going to get simpler and clearer over time? In this webinar we will discuss career options, dealing with changes, opportunities as an entrepreneur, changing technology and social requirements.
Attracting Perfect Customers for Achieving Your Goals
In this webinar the speaker will teach the audience a method to attract the "perfect-fit" customers that will help them to achieve their goals. None of us can achieve our goals alone. If we think about something that we have achieved recently, we will have to admit that there was at least a key person that was instrumental in that win. Rather than leaving it to chance, the speaker will teach us how to align with those people that will help us achieve our goals, in an strategic way.
Shale Development - Does Cheap Energy Really Mean Flaming Tap Water?
Presented by William Fleckenstein
Separation internals: Field Installation and Inspection To Enable The Potential For Good Performance
This presentation has the goal to describe how a proper factory inspection and field installation of the separation internals needs to be carried out. The installation and inspection must address the key issues that might occur to avoid poor separator performance.